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6 Critical Benefits of Managed IT Solutions 6 Critical Benefits of Managed IT Solutions

Your IT Department May Not Be Able to Do it All

As everyone is painfully aware, the past two years have brought about big changes in how and where people work. The pandemic moved millions of workers out of offices and into homes, and collaboration moved from meeting in physical offices and conference rooms to online platforms with cloud-based applications.

While platforms like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Cisco WebEx and many others existed previously, the new work models presented new challenges for IT and AV departments. They needed to support remote workers, maintain security with an army of people connected through home internet services, onboard and train new workers that never set foot in the office, and figure out how to adapt existing IT and AV infrastructure to the new remote and hybrid work models.

If that sounds like a lot, it is – IT and AV departments have had their hands full with all this disruption. The accelerated pace of change also brings the need for flexibility and adaptation. Hybrid work models are not set in stone, as companies are grappling with getting workers back in offices and if it needs to happen. Many companies are looking at managed IT solutions to augment beleaguered IT and AV organizations already strapped with issues from supply chain shortages and the ability to hire the right skill sets.

Managed IT/AV solutions may not be the solution for everything, but it is a viable option for filling in the gaps in your IT and AV technology needs. Let's examine six reasons why it's a smart move for your Arizona organization.

3 Ways Businesses Benefit from Hardware as a Service 3 Ways Businesses Benefit from Hardware as a Service

Scale & Update Equipment Anytime You Need

While you may be familiar with Software as a Service (SaaS), have you heard of Hardware as a Service (HaaS)? If not, let us introduce you. 

HaaS offers businesses a simpler approach to commercial technology. Rather than purchasing your office equipment up front, a monthly subscription supplies your business with all necessary technology, ready to replace and upgrade at any time.

What makes HaaS different from renting or leasing? That would be the “service” part of the plan, which includes maintenance, upgrades, and assistance as needed. Some business managers may still wonder: why shouldn’t we own our technology?

There are many reasons companies forgo hardware ownership for HaaS instead. Here are our top three reasons your business can benefit from HaaS, too.

What Is AV Service Delivery Management? What Is AV Service Delivery Management?

Explore Managed AV Services & Their Benefits

As we move into an increasingly digital and hybrid world, audio-video systems now encompass a wider range of technology than ever. We use IP-based systems that connect touch screens, displays, conferencing devices, and more. Across a large scale, these AV systems require the same level of security and monitoring as other IT systems. But in most IT departments, there simply isn’t the capacity to adequately handle AV.

Instead, many companies are switching to managed AV services to ease the burden on their organization. A managed service provider supplies the network, application, and system management through a subscription model that suits your business’s needs. 

To ensure you’re receiving the highest level of assistance, your AV service provider should offer service delivery management. Service delivery management is a process that guarantees the network will perform well and correspond to your service level agreement. 

We get it—terms like “service delivery management” and “AV services” may sound abstract. In this article, we’ll break down what managed AV services do, why service delivery management is important, and how it can enhance and simplify your business’s technology experience.

How AV as a Service Can Secure Your AV Infrastructure How AV as a Service Can Secure Your AV Infrastructure

A Managed Service Can Fill in the Holes in AV Security Technology

Once upon a time, IT was IT, AV was AV, and never the twain shall meet. Well, those days are long gone. AV devices are smart, connected, special purpose computers, and the digital convergence of video, audio, and communication over IP has ensured that they all meet on the same networks. 

While in the past, the isolation of AV systems meant that they had some immunity from hacking and online attacks, today, they may be as vulnerable as any other connected system. IoT security is a much-discussed subject these days, and AV devices are part of the IoT (Internet of Things). The problem? While other connected computers and systems have benefitted from either native or third-party solutions that add layers of security to those systems, AV technology has lagged in that regard.

3 Ways Managed Software as a Service (MSaaS) Serves Your Business 3 Ways Managed Software as a Service (MSaaS) Serves Your Business

An MSP helps you use your cloud-driven software solutions more effectively

Salesforce. Google Workspace. Adobe Creative Cloud. Slack. Chances are, your business is already using cloud-driven software as a service (SaaS) for customer management, communications, collaboration, business operations, and more. Off-the-shelf software solutions are cost-effective, easy to implement and use, and support hybrid workplaces where some employees work at home and others are in the office.

Managed SaaS takes your software applications to the next level. Under a managed services contract, you’ll pay a monthly subscription fee for your provider to handle everything for you. That includes integrating software and hardware, configuring individual accounts, uptime monitoring, and support as needed. All you have to do is log in and get to work.

Keep reading to learn how an MSP provides a customized, tailored solution for the software applications in your Scottsdale, AZ, or global organization.

AV Systems Integrator Vs. Managed Services Provider — What’s the Difference?  AV Systems Integrator Vs. Managed Services Provider — What’s the Difference?

Who provides the most value to your business?

Your AV systems are significant contributors to your company’s productivity and bottom line. When it comes time to elevate the conference and training rooms in your Scottsdale, AZ, home office, or build out new meeting spaces in a second office, you want to ensure you’re investing in the right solutions that will create meaningful experiences and promote business growth and productivity. 

Two vastly different standards are emerging and diverging in the enterprise market: the AV system integrator model and the managed services provider (MSP) model. What’s the difference, and which models delivers more value to your business? Find out below. 

How Does Remote Monitoring and Management Serve the Hybrid Workplace? How Does Remote Monitoring and Management Serve the Hybrid Workplace?

A remote-first approach is necessary for distributed systems, places, and people

Ready or not, the digital transformation is coming. Flexible, agile, and nimble software-driven AV tools like unified communications, video conferencing, and digital signage are becoming commonplace office technologies in the hybrid workplace. And in response, AV systems management solutions need to become as flexible, agile, and nimble as the tools they’re supporting.

AV remote monitoring and management (RMM) is the support model of the future. Under a managed services agreement, you receive 24/7 proactive RMM for a fixed monthly price. In return, you’re not responsible for the burden and costs of making sure your systems work — your managed services provider (MSP) is.

Remote monitoring and management lead to fewer problems that disrupt your workflows and cost your business money, time and resources. Keep reading to learn how RMM as a service supports your hybrid workplace in Scottsdale, AZ, or elsewhere in the U.S.

Why Do Medical Simulation Labs Need Ongoing Managed Services? Why Do Medical Simulation Labs Need Ongoing Managed Services?

Under a managed services contract, support is just a phone call away

The medical simulation lab in your university or training hospital is unlike any other system that makes up your AV infrastructure. It runs on a purpose-built computer with application-specific software, both of which require dedicated oversight and specialized training to manage properly. 

Placing your simulation lab under a managed services contract with Level 3 Audiovisual takes the burden off your IT department for monitoring and managing your specialized system. For a fixed monthly price, 100% of your support needs will be handled by the Level 3 Audiovisual team as soon as issues arise. In many cases, our team even finds and resolves malfunctions before they create a noticeable problem in your lab.

Keep reading to learn how your healthcare simulation lab in Los Angeles, CA, or elsewhere in the U.S. will benefit from managed services. 

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