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AV as a Service is a novel way to reimagine your company’s AV infrastructure needs. Learn more about these managed services here.

How AV as a Service Can Secure Your AV Infrastructure How AV as a Service Can Secure Your AV Infrastructure

A Managed Service Can Fill in the Holes in AV Security Technology

Once upon a time, IT was IT, AV was AV, and never the twain shall meet. Well, those days are long gone. AV devices are smart, connected, special purpose computers, and the digital convergence of video, audio, and communication over IP has ensured that they all meet on the same networks. 

While in the past, the isolation of AV systems meant that they had some immunity from hacking and online attacks, today, they may be as vulnerable as any other connected system. IoT security is a much-discussed subject these days, and AV devices are part of the IoT (Internet of Things). The problem? While other connected computers and systems have benefitted from either native or third-party solutions that add layers of security to those systems, AV technology has lagged in that regard.

AV as a Service: What Is It? And What Can It Do for Your Company? AV as a Service: What Is It? And What Can It Do for Your Company?


What is AV as a Service, or AVaaS? AVaaS is turning the purchase and maintenance of a company's AV infrastructure into an expense item. Many corporations have sold corporate headquarters buildings and turned around and leased them back in long-term arrangements. Why? In many cases, highly valuable real estate generated large returns, but they didn't reflect in the company's valuation. They turned that investment into cash that could be reinvested in the company's products and services that are the core drivers of the business.

You could think about your company’s AV infrastructure the same way. Is your investment in video conferencing equipment and software, control systems, displays, digital signage, and other assets something that adds to your company's business value? Most likely not, as these investments depreciate over time and become obsolete in a few years as technology advances. This generates depreciation expenses, and while there may be tax benefits, there are also real cash outlays for maintenance and staffing to support these systems.

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