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The technology innovation for audiovisual services is increasingly fueled by software. Learn more about the evolution of AV services here.

How the User Experience is Driving Modernization of AV Services How the User Experience is Driving Modernization of AV Services

Consumer Technology and Software Has Changed User Expectations

Come with us, for a bit, for a walk back in time to the 1980s. That decade saw the dawn of the personal computing era. Until the advent of the personal computer (PC), computing power lay in data centers in mainframes and minicomputers. There were no such things as “apps,” but there were complex applications to run financial and operational aspects of companies.

Most importantly, however, before PCs (we mean all of them here of any operating system), the IT department controlled all that computing power. In those days, IT was called by many other names (sometimes not flattering ones), but generally, professional workers had little control over what IT did, and they might wait years to be able to take advantage of that computing power to make their job easier.

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