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Simulation labs can accelerate and improve training for veterinary professionals working with a variety of animals. Learn more about the Level3 SimStation solution here.

New Use Cases for Healthcare Simulation, Part 5: Veterinary Training New Use Cases for Healthcare Simulation, Part 5: Veterinary Training

Simulation Training Labs Are Just as Useful for the Unique and Varied World of Animal Healthcare

Up until now, we’ve discussed several applications of our SimStation healthcare simulation solution in medical, nursing, emergency response, and police environments.  Of course, the common thread across these is that they are dealing with human behavior and physiology. This time, we’re going to explore the advantages of simulation for medical training for veterinary doctors, technicians, and nurses. The benefits of simulation solutions in veterinary medicine are similar to those for human medicine, and simulation allows for professionals to gain experience without harming live animals – after all, they can’t communicate what ails them.

Unlike working on humans, veterinary professionals will work on a wide variety of species, from typical household pets to birds, reptiles, farm animals, and even wildlife. Veterinary simulation labs can accelerate knowledge and decrease the anxiety of learning and working with different physiology and anatomy.

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