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Level 3 Audiovisual designs, installs and integrates high-fidelity medical simulation centers for healthcare organizations across the country. Call us to learn more.

What Components Do You Need for a High Fidelity Medical Simulation? What Components Do You Need for a High Fidelity Medical Simulation?

High fidelity simulation centers use a combination of hardware and software to reproduce realistic medical training scenarios

Medical simulation is the new way for educators to perform training in situational environments without impacting real patients’ lives or placing students in circumstances they may not be prepared for yet. In simulation scenarios, medical students can practice applicable skills ranging from checking vitals to performing surgery while learning how to work and communicate with a team. A simulation lab provides interaction, engagement and training in a safe and controlled environment.

In the world of healthcare simulation, fidelity describes the degree to which a simulated scenario represents reality. High-fidelity medical simulation includes a combination of hardware and software that works together to create a highly realistic scenario for students to participate in, whether that’s giving a patient an annual check-up or performing an emergency procedure.

Today, we’re going to explore some of the components that facilities need for high fidelity simulation. Please note that all simulation labs have custom needs — your facility may or may not require all the components listed below, depending on your primary goals and budget. If you have further questions, please call the team at Level 3 Audiovisual, and we can help you design a simulation system that best meets your needs. We proudly serve commercial organizations and healthcare facilities in Miami, FL, and across the country.

Getting Ready to Choose New Sim Lab Equipment? Read This First. Getting Ready to Choose New Sim Lab Equipment? Read This First.

Overwhelmed by a Sim Lab Tech Upgrade? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Are you a simulation technician tasked with choosing new technology for your simulation lab? And are you feeling overwhelmed by the task? Don’t panic. Choosing the best equipment for your sim lab—and getting it for the best price—can be as simple as scoring the perfect vacuum on Black Friday. Maybe even easier, because you won’t have to fight anyone for the last item on the shelf. Keep reading for tips on what you should consider when choosing new sim lab tools—and why the process might be easier than you think.

How Do You Get Certified for Simulation? How Do You Get Certified for Simulation?

Getting certified for simulation isn't what you think.

Simulation certification is still new to Healthcare. As the simulation community has grown, defining the standards to ensure someone is qualified to perform a specific task has been at times, challenging. Since healthcare simulation centers can be found in pre-hospital programs, hospital-based programs, nursing schools, and medical schools the challenge is setting standards for certification that can be applied to all the different job environments. As the profession for simulation technicians and specialist has grown so has the movement to establish this group within the structure of simulation programs. Typically, physicians, nurses, and educators have filled most of the roles in a simulation center.

Navigating AV Systems in Healthcare Simulation Navigating AV Systems in Healthcare Simulation

“How much training do I need to operate the AV system?”

This is the first question I asked myself when starting at a healthcare simulation center. From working with patient simulator’s and skill trainers to programming vital signs and scenario’s, healthcare simulation can have a big learning curve for those just starting out in this field. The area I felt needed the majority of focus was navigating AV systems in healthcare simulation.

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