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Reduce user-reported problems, maintain optimal uptime, and keep your valuable AV assets up-to-date with AV remote monitoring and management services. Learn more here.

How Does Remote Monitoring and Management Serve the Hybrid Workplace? How Does Remote Monitoring and Management Serve the Hybrid Workplace?

A remote-first approach is necessary for distributed systems, places, and people

Ready or not, the digital transformation is coming. Flexible, agile, and nimble software-driven AV tools like unified communications, video conferencing, and digital signage are becoming commonplace office technologies in the hybrid workplace. And in response, AV systems management solutions need to become as flexible, agile, and nimble as the tools they’re supporting.

AV remote monitoring and management (RMM) is the support model of the future. Under a managed services agreement, you receive 24/7 proactive RMM for a fixed monthly price. In return, you’re not responsible for the burden and costs of making sure your systems work — your managed services provider (MSP) is.

Remote monitoring and management lead to fewer problems that disrupt your workflows and cost your business money, time and resources. Keep reading to learn how RMM as a service supports your hybrid workplace in Scottsdale, AZ, or elsewhere in the U.S.

How Intelligent Device Monitoring Can Save Your Simulation System How Intelligent Device Monitoring Can Save Your Simulation System


It used to be that the biggest threat to classroom training was a broken piece of chalk or a dead bulb in the overhead projector. As more and more medical training programs and healthcare facilities incorporate complex simulation systems and technologies, however, the number of things that can go wrong are increasing. And each of those glitches and the downtime they create can have negative impacts to classroom and training schedules and outcomes. When a simulation system goes down, for example, classes get cancelled, and training plans and schedules fall behind. But the fix is often complicated and time-consuming. Simulation systems may include microphones, speakers, and cameras, as well as control rooms and debriefing software. For these complex systems, the best fix is the ability to identify issues early and respond to them rapidly. And that is exactly what Pulse IDM —an intelligent device monitoring system designed for the SIMStation solution—does. The 24/7 monitoring provided by Pulse IDM can minimize problems that negatively impact the use of simulation systems and resolve issues that do arise more quickly and with less disruption to users.

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