Healthcare Simulation

Upgrading or Building a New Simulation Center?

Most healthcare simulation projects require a software vendor, an AV vendor, a simulation consultant and often an IT vendor.  We are the only healthcare simulation technology provider who delivers all four areas of expertise as one company without the need to outsource additional vendors. In other words, one call does it all!

Recording & Debriefing Software

for Healthcare Simulation

According to simulation research, most of the learning occurs during the debriefing process. This highlights the importance for a comprehensive and reliable AV solution to perform the proper debriefing session. Real-time or post bookmarking and grading, editable checklists, and time stamped video are all part of thSIMStation solution.

Integrated Solution

SIMStation™ Enterprise

Stationary Solution

SIMStation™ PRO

Mobile In-Situ Solution

SIMStation™ Essential


Pulse IDM is an advanced, highly intelligent monitoring platform, customized specifically for the audiovisual and unified communications devices commonly found in large enterprise environments. The primary objective is to pro-actively monitor health status of all network connected devices and provide notifications to key personal responsible for the day to day system operation and support.

Device Data Collection

Actively collect device metric & attribute data such as health status, availability, & current state

Smart Thresholds

Detect problem states automatically. Multiple Severity Levels, Anomaly Detection, Trend Prediction

Alerting and Notification

When devices exceed a defined threshold, alerting and notification protocols drive proactive awareness

Visualization & Analytics

Single Pane of Glass, Customizable dashboards, Graphing , Drill down reports

Custom Integration

API Development, Custom Applications, Custom Device Drivers


Ensuring end user satisfaction requires a proactive approach to creating a frictionless support experience for anyone trying to utilize the deployed technology systems.  L3Connect is a Quick Response Code (QRC) based meeting room support service. L3Connect is made available via a mounted plaque with the QRC displayed allowing a user to scan the code and gain immediate access to items such as; a system user guide, signal flow diagram, one touch chat/telephone/live video assistance and/or easy access to create a support ticket for service or repairs.

Unique QR Codes

Each room system deployed comes with a unique code for support

Quick Start Guide

On demand quick start user guides for system function

Document Storage

Equipment Lists, System Drawings, Other Technical Documentation


On demand operations and maintenance manuals

On-Demand Help Desk

AV chat / phone / live video help desk

Simulation Education & Training

You are a team of seasoned experts focused on training and education for simulation professionals. Your role is to educate and prepare your managers, technicians and leaders in the four areas of simulation expertise: Healthcare Curriculum, Anatomy/Physiology, Audio-Visual, and IT technology infrastructure. Our goal is to support your educational needs by providing courses via hands-on skills training, theory and concept. 

UT Health Houston – Cizik School of Nursing

Awarded “Best Healthcare Project 2020”

Incorporating 70 cameras, 120 audio devices, 16 simulation training rooms, 14 clinical examination rooms, and 4 dedicated debriefing spaces, this simulation center rebuild was awarded “Best Healthcare Project” by Commercial Integrator in the 2020 integration awards.

UT Health Houston

Cizik School of Nursing

BYU Provo

School of Nursing

Cal Baptist University

College of Nursing

Froedtert Hospital

Simulation Learning Center


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