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To effectively offer hybrid learning in your university, you’ll need classroom technology that syncs audio and video to a single call. Learn how it works here!

How to Improve Remote & Hybrid Learning in Universities How to Improve Remote & Hybrid Learning in Universities

Bridge the Gap Between In-Person and Remote Students with New Classroom Technology

If your college or university conducts hybrid learning, are you prepared for some of its technical challenges? Many college classrooms are not equipped to instruct in-person and remote students simultaneously and are struggling to make it a worthwhile experience for all.

In worst-case scenarios, remote students might strain to see and hear professors and fellow students during lectures. They might feel left behind and struggle to pay attention. 

But your institution can get ahead of these issues by installing classroom technology that simplifies remote and hybrid learning. From lecture halls to auditoriums and small classrooms, everyone can see and hear to facilitate collaborative learning.

Here are some technologies and strategies that can improve your school’s remote learning!

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