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Empower Meeting Equality

Give your employees the tools to meet and succeed as equals and work together as one — no matter the location.

Empower Meeting Equality

Give your employees the tools to meet and succeed as equals and work together as one — no matter the location.


Break the distance barrier.
Work is no longer a place to go or a time of day. It’s about what you do, how you do it and getting stuff done. And to do that you depend on clear communication. Poly headsets are beautifully designed tech that let you hear and be heard with incredible clarity, while tuning out distractions. Delivering crazy good audio for your most important conversations.
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Bluetooth Headsets

Working from home? Back in the office? Both? Get a headset that moves with you. Poly’s Voyager headsets are ultra-comfortable, durable, and offer pro-grade sound. And because it can get noisy wherever you work — kitchen appliances, kids, noisy co-workers, ringing phones — these noise-canceling Bluetooth headsets guarantee your calls are clear and undisturbed. 

  • Talk, listen and move about wirelessly
  • Enjoy Poly’s legendary sound quality
  • Comfortable & stylish enough for hours of wear
Video Conferencing

DECT Wireless Headsets

Kick office calls into high gear. The Savi Series of DECT wireless headsets for office phones gives people a great headset designed for the office space. The roaming range will delight you. The long talk time will impress you. And the noise-canceling will win you over. Simple to use, comfortable to wear, attractive to the eye, and offering choice in styles, Savi headsets are ideal for all the heroes in your office. 

  • Be productive hands-free
  • Enjoy wireless freedom
  • Join others to a call through the base
  • Pick your favorite style
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USB Headsets

We make wired headsets people love because they help make their work easier and their conversations more productive. The Blackwire Series headsets look great, fit comfortably, sound amazing, and last long. They plug into everyone’s favorite devices, with standard PC and 3.5mm connectivity options. And more good news for IT: plug-and-play installation plus the headsets’ popularity eases company-wide deployment.

  • Easy to use
  • Outstanding sound
  • Comfortable design
  • Simple and effortless deployment
Video Conferencing

Call Center

Better quality audio equals a better call. That’s why Poly EncorePro Series are our most popular contact center headsets. Custom-made for heavy usage—keep agents connected with high durability and uptime. And the super light, great fitting design is all about comfort.

  • Make sure customers hear you clearly
  • Protect your investment with proven durability
  • Empower your agents with all-day comfort

Video Conferencing

Show them your good side.

Boardroom brainstorming. Coffeeshop collaborations. Kitchen consultations. See and be seen wherever, whatever, whomever – Poly gives you the confidence, flexibility and edge to command the conversation. And we know it’s not a one size fits all world. We have options to meet your anywhere, everywhere needs.

Video Conferencing

Meeting Room Solutions

Radical simplicity for all your meetings. The Poly Studio family delivers mind-blowing audio and video quality and offers solutions for any size room across most platforms. Whether you’re looking for plug-and-play simplicity or a complete room solution, Poly has every room covered.
  • Get rooms up and running fast — no PC or Mac needed
  • Richer connection with remote participants for better collaboration
  • Super-flexible: Use on all the popular video platforms
Video Conferencing

Personal Solutions

Sound incredible and look even better. The Poly Studio P-Series delivers crazy good pro-grade audio and video so you can crush every conversation- confident and clear from beginning to end. Make the most of video calls from wherever your work happens.
  • Premium camera optics and broadcast-quality visuals
  • Incredible clarity, beautifully engineered audio
  • Get up and running quickly with out-of-box simplicity
  • Robust cloud management with Poly Lens


Brilliant sound, brilliant you.

Give voice to great ideas on a Poly desk, conference, wireless, or speakerphone. Designed to scale or shift, based on your organization’s needs, Poly’s audio devices are simple to use and can easily integrate with most telephony platforms. It all just comes together, and you truly shine.

Video Conferencing

Conference Phones

Whether it’s via audio, video, or content sharing, Poly Trio conference phones gives your team the ability to clearly express and exchange ideas. It delivers best-of-breed capabilities from a single, sleek device. People can connect with a touch, on almost any platform, to get amazing sound — all on a phone optimized for their room size.

  • Hear and be heard with incredible clarity
  • Collaborate via audio, video and more
  • Use your favorite platform to connect
Video Conferencing

Business Phones

Meet the new standard in desktop touch screen phones. The Poly CCX Series has workers feeling confident they’ll sound professional on every call. No word or inflection is missed, thanks to legendary audio quality, Poly HD Voice, and Poly Acoustic Clarity. And let’s hear it for Poly Acoustic Fence. It eliminates background noise to keep calls quiet wherever it’s noisy—like open offices and call centers.

Video Conferencing

USB Bluetooth Speakerphones

Everyone deserves to hear and be heard. The Poly Sync Family USB/Bluetooth® smart speakerphones make it happen—in personal and huddle workspaces, plus small to medium conference rooms. Smarter speakerphones for premium sound, easy connection, and flawless meetings.
  • Keep the focus on voices, not background noise
  • Remarkable sound for meetings and music
  • For IT it’s easy - deploy and be done
  • Sleek modern design across the model


Expertise to meet your unique challenges.

Poly knows that each workstyle and workspace need its own solution. To achieve true meeting equality, every lens, every microphone, every innovation, deserves the human touch—a team of experts who will guide you through selection, installation, and implementation, and then keep you up and running, around the clock and around the world. That’s the power of Poly services.

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Rest easy knowing Poly has your back, day or night. Poly solutions are rock solid, but if an incident occurs, you’re covered. Unlock the potential of the possible.
  • Unlimited, global 24x7 technical support
  • Advance hardware replacement*
  • Ecosystem Cloud Partner Support
  • Upgraded access to premium software
Video Conferencing

Poly Lens

Poly Lens makes collaboration better for your employees no matter where they work or the compatible device they choose. What you get is better line of sight on device health and adoption rates. And oh yeah, less help-desk tickets. Did we mention simple?
  • Easy account access with role-based permissions
  • Simple device onboarding of one or many devices within minutes
  • All-in-one app for your users' collaboration devices
  • Locate and filter devices with a global device inventory interactive map
  • Intelligent newsfeeds to monitor connection status and device health
Personal Office

Hybrid Work

The hybrid work environment opens a ton of possibilities for your organization. Companies who embrace this shift can evolve their company culture. To be successful all employees must be able to fully engage and participate on an equal basis. But don't worry, we’re here so your business can be anywhere.

Personal Office

Office Work

Same walls, same desks, new model. Your office may look the same, but your collaboration styles have changed for good. Offices can adapt with tech that supports equal participation for everyone, whether they’re dialing in from group spaces, personal workspaces, in the office, or working remotely.

Personal Office

Remote Work

Give your employees the gift of equal impact from any remote location. Whether they’re working from the bedroom, the beach or the airport, Poly headsets, video conferencing cameras, speakerphones and desk phones help your team feel like they’re all in the same room.

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    Call Us: 1.877.777.5328
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