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Building Trust Through Quality Assurance in AV

As technology evolves and work changes, companies should require AV9000 quality standards to ensure flawless functionality of their AV technology. With our decades' long commitment to AV9000, you can trust in our team, not just the technology.

Building Trust Through Quality Assurance in AV

As technology evolves and work changes, companies should require AV9000 quality standards to ensure flawless functionality of their AV technology. With our decades' long commitment to AV9000, you can trust in our team, not just the technology.

Learn more about AV9000 Quality Standards and what they can do for your organization.

What is AV9000?

A quality management standard which provides metrics for audio video design and implementation, with checklists managing every key milestone of a project’s development. This establishes an auditable standard, which is intended to guarantee quality, manage information, and promote continual improvement throughout an organization’s practices.

Compliance with the AV9000 Quality Assurance standards demonstrates a commitment to quality, reliability, and professionalism from your AV integration company.

How does it work?

With AV9000, there are avenues in place for continuous improvement in the strategy, design, deployment, and support of AV. Before submission of a proposal, the design is thoroughly reviewed to ensure it will deliver the performance being promised. Before staging, the completed design package is reviewed again to ensure accuracy. In staging each component of the system is tested for functionality. After install, the system goes through a rigorous commissioning process to ensure that it will perform as intended, adheres to industry best practices, meet client needs, and facilitate maintenance long after installation.

Why is it important?

Through iterative testing, catching issues early in the project ensures a resolution is found at the least possible cost and impact to schedule. Global organizations typically have vastly different design and installation practices across their enterprise. With AV9000, your corporate AV experience will be consistent, efficient, and reliable.

How does it differentiate us?

While many companies say they are focused on quality, we are one of only four companies globally that is AV9000 compliant. Along with this compliance, we are official educational partners of AQAV. With AVIXA and AQAV instructors on our team, we are dedicated to education and training of not only our staff, but the industry at large.

The Process

Our AV9000 Quality Standards Workflow

Phase 1


Phase 2


Phase 3


Phase 4


Phase 5


Phase 6



Benefits to Compliance

When partnering with an AV9000 compliant integrator, audited by the industry quality association (AQAV), your organization will benefit in the following ways:

Voted Best Place to Work
PSNI Global Alliance awarded us the “Best Places to Work in AV” award for 2018. This award recognizes members of PSNI who exceed key employee-performance metrics identified by an employee engagement survey.
Our Culture has been described as open minded to the newest of ideas, and the flexibility to truly be cognizant and amiable to work life balance. We work hard, and we also have fun. We feel like a family and care deeply about our people.
Our purpose is to help employees and customers navigate options in the audio visual technology world and to deliver and receive a quality product. Respect, understanding, and collaborative efforts are at the forefront of all we do.
401(K) Plan
We offer 401(K) Plans with pre-tax or Roth after tax contributions. Employees can choose from a broad variety of investment options and roll over any eligible funds from a previous employer.
Health, Dental & Vision
Employees choose from several medical plans. Level 3 pays a generous portion of the employee health insurance premium. Employees also have access dental and vision plans.
Life/Short/Long-term Disability
Employees receive Basic Term Life Insurance at no cost. Employees can enroll in additional life, short/long-term disability benefits and also choose life insurance for committed partners and children.
Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
Employees and family members have access to clinicians to assist you with emotional support, work-life solutions, legal guidance, identity theft, Will preparation, and financial resources.
Paid Time Off
We offer paid time off to employees for personal use, vacation, or for sick time. The amount of time off depends on length of service (more years of service, more time off).
Education & Training
We encourage learning to be a top priority for all our employees and to support that we cover costs of certification courses, classes, workshops and more. We are dedicated to the betterment of all.
Consistent Quality

Ensure that each project is executed to the same high standards across your organization, no matter the project size or location.

Enhanced System Performance

By following the AV9000 Quality Assurance standards, audiovisual systems are designed, installed, and tested to meet industry standards, resulting in enhanced performance and increased reliability.

Continuous Improvement

AV9000 standards require ongoing monitoring, evaluation, and improvement of audiovisual systems, facilitating a culture of continuous improvement and innovation. Working with an AV9000 compliant company will help you stay at the forefront of AV technology and provide the best long-term solutions for your organization.

Reduced Cost

Identify potential issues early in the project, reducing the need for costly rework or repairs and minimizing project delays.

Increased Efficiency

AV9000 standards promote efficient project management and collaboration, ensuring that each team member has a clear understanding of their role and responsibilities.

Improved Communication

AV9000 standards promote effective communication between all project stakeholders, from the initial design phase to the final installation and testing.

AQAV Educational Partner

Education is part of our DNA. We offer training from industry associations, including CTS classes from AVIXA and AV9000 CQD and CQT classes from AQAV. Our world-class instructors include two AVIXA Educators of the Year, AVIXA senior faculty instructors, and AQAV certified trainers.

The CQT class focuses on the staging and commissioning checklists used to assure that systems are delivered on time, complete, and with little, if any, service issues.

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CQD focuses on verifying the designs are complete and will meet the user requirements before the systems get built. By having a design review process in place, we can catch issues before they become problems.

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Call Us: 1.877.777.5328
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