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State of the art audio-visual systems improve communication, collaboration, and coordination across all the constituencies of your organization. Explore the latest solutions here.

Meeting Equity: What Is It And How To Improve Meeting Equity: What Is It And How To Improve

Now more than ever before, companies and organizations must continually consider how they can improve communications within their teams. As such, it is no surprise that topics like meeting equity have only increased in their relevance. Despite that, many working professionals still don't have a firm grasp on what meeting equity is and how improving it can benefit just about any organization. For those not yet in the know, this article will give you a quick introduction to what meeting equity is and how to improve it.

What Is An AV Control System? Your 2023 Guide What Is An AV Control System? Your 2023 Guide

In today's fast-paced world, technology plays a crucial role in simplifying our lives. From smartphones to smart homes, the advancements in automation have revolutionized the way we live and work. One such technological innovation is the AV control system. But what exactly is an AV control system, and how does it work? 

As we move towards the year 2023, the demand for seamless integration and control of audiovisual devices is on the rise. Whether it's in corporate boardrooms, educational institutions, or healthcare settings, the need for a user-friendly and efficient AV control system has become paramount. With the vast array of options available in the market, it's important to understand the basics of AV control systems and how they can benefit you.

An AV control system is a centralized platform that allows users to manage and control various audiovisual devices, such as televisions, projectors, speakers, and video conferencing systems, from a single interface. This comprehensive guide will delve into the features, benefits, and future trends of AV control systems, equipping you with the knowledge to make informed decisions when it comes to implementing this technology in your personal or professional spaces. So, let's dive into the world of AV control systems and discover the possibilities that lie ahead in 2023. 

5 Reasons the Government Needs Updated Technology 5 Reasons the Government Needs Updated Technology

For companies in the private sector, updated technology is critical to beating competitors and increasing revenue, so many businesses build their budgets to prioritize AV and IT spending. For public sector organizations, however, updating technology is not so simple. An incremental, year-to-year budgeting process can make large capital investments in technology difficult. And, because government agencies are not profit—or competition—driven, big tech investments can be difficult to justify. However, updated technology and the way it improves business processes, delivery and customer satisfaction should be just as important to the public sector as it is to the private sector. Here are five reasons government agencies and organizations should update their technology.

5 AV Capabilities Every Government Entity Should Update Now 5 AV Capabilities Every Government Entity Should Update Now


The old adage “Close enough for government work” is a cheeky way to justify results that almost hit the mark. But when it comes to audiovisual technology solutions, many government agencies don’t come close to having the capabilities they need. That can end up costing governments—and citizens—a lot of money. For example, the Government Accountability Office recently reported that the federal government’s 10 legacy technology systems most in need of modernization cost taxpayers $337 million a year to operate and maintain, while newer systems are must less expensive to manage. The catch is, updating outdated AV is also an expensive proposition, and government agencies and organizations may struggle to find the necessary funding in their year-to-year-budgeting cycle. However, strategic updates to government AV can improve processes and create better experiences for citizens, making government organizations and entities more effective in the long run. Keep reading for insights into the best ways to update your government AV technology.

The Best AV Technologies for Government Agencies The Best AV Technologies for Government Agencies

Your local courthouse or municipal building is a beacon for citizens that want to know more about what’s going on in their community. As the person in charge of audiovisual technology, you’re responsible for many things, including providing access to meetings, assistive listening in public spaces, or emergency notifications. Your audiovisual technology should be easy to use and work every time—especially for emergency meetings. Read on to learn more about AV solutions that can make your job easier and help government officials better serve their constituents.

Get 100% Support for a Set Price With AV Managed Services Get 100% Support for a Set Price With AV Managed Services

You handle the meetings, and we’ll handle everything else

Over the past several months, we’ve talked a lot about one of the largest trends overtaking the commercial AV industry: a decisive shift from owning conference room equipment to using audio-visual systems as a service. AV as a service makes sense — these days, technology systems depreciate so rapidly that owning them is no longer worth the investment.

But to truly understand the value of purchasing conference room systems on a subscription-based model, you must know what you’re getting as part of the managed services contract. It’s not just hardware on a payment — it’s 100%, fully covered, end-to-end support. Under a managed services agreement, all ownership costs and responsibilities rest in the provider’s hands, not yours.

What you get is pure service for a fixed price. So, what does that look like in your Scottsdale, AZ, or global conference room managed by Level 3 Audiovisual? Keep reading to find out.

Use Workplace Analytics to Help Manage Your Meeting Rooms Use Workplace Analytics to Help Manage Your Meeting Rooms

Do you know if your audio-visual systems are being used effectively?

It seems only fitting to begin a post about analytics by dropping some data for you to digest. According to market research from, global average meeting room utilization is only 30%. Furthermore, when meetings are in session, only 40% of seats are filled on average. And while most meeting rooms can hold at least six people or more, the average meeting size is less than four people.

3 Ways to Upgrade the Audio-Visual Systems in Your Meeting Spaces 3 Ways to Upgrade the Audio-Visual Systems in Your Meeting Spaces


Do you remember Verizon's popular commercial series with the slogan "Can you hear me now?" This is one phrase you don't want to hear if you are on an audio or video conferencing call in your meeting room. Even if you only lose a few minutes to some garbled audio or video, think about the productivity loss. You have your team in the meeting room, your partners or supplier's team on the other end, and many people on both sides participating remotely. Multiply what all those professionals get paid for their services, and you might be surprised what a few wasted minutes of a meeting actually cost your organization.

You can banish “can you hear me now” or perhaps the newer “can you see me now” from your meetings with some smart investments in new audio-visual systems for your Tempe, AZ, offices. Read on for three ways to up your collaboration game in your meeting spaces.

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