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A healthcare simulation lab improves medical education and training for med students around the county. Learn more about simulation labs in our blog series.

The Role of IT in Managing a Healthcare Simulation Lab The Role of IT in Managing a Healthcare Simulation Lab

Learn more about a sim lab’s unique IT requirements and how to manage them

Healthcare simulation labs are a high-tech educational tool found in a growing number of universities and hospitals in Phoenix, AZ, and across the U.S. At Level 3 Audiovisual, we’re the only healthcare simulation provider who delivers a turnkey solution with AV, SIMStation simulation software, and management and support services for custom-built labs, including IT and managed services.

Incorporate Online Simulations into Your Healthcare Curriculum Incorporate Online Simulations into Your Healthcare Curriculum


Although the coronavirus pandemic is finally loosening its grip on the U.S., a number of the innovative tools, strategies, and practices we employed during pandemic times are here to stay. When the world was in lockdown for over a year, healthcare educators raced to find ways to deliver effective online learning to medical, nursing, and other healthcare students.

One solution that emerged and grew rapidly was online healthcare simulations. Like in-person medical simulations, online simulations provide healthcare students with an interactive, engaging environment to practice clinical and decision-making skills. Sophisticated, web-based platforms allow students to assess virtual patients and take actions like prescribing medications, ordering labs and imaging studies, and making care decisions.

3 Ways a Healthcare Simulation Lab Adds Value to Your Institution 3 Ways a Healthcare Simulation Lab Adds Value to Your Institution


Simulation-based education is a powerful and growing teaching tool filling in the gaps traditional, book-based teaching tools can’t reach in specific professional fields. Among the fastest-growing areas of simulation-based learning is the healthcare industry.

healthcare simulation lab provides medical students with a realistic environment where they can safely and effectively practice diagnostic, clinical, and surgical procedures. Current research shows that simulated scenarios followed by debriefing sessions create a rich and engaging learning environment for students. But that’s not all. Read our latest blog article to learn three ways a high-fidelity simulation lab adds value to your teaching hospital or medical school in Chicago, IL.   

The Top 6 Healthcare Simulation Trends to Watch The Top 6 Healthcare Simulation Trends to Watch

Emerging technologies are changing the way healthcare is delivered, and those same technologies will change the way healthcare simulation training is delivered, and what skills prospective healthcare professionals need to succeed in the healthcare market of the future. According to research by Deloitte, global healthcare expenditures are expected to steadily increase at an annual rate of 5.4 percent through 2022 eventually reaching $10 trillion. That growth in the global healthcare market translates into growth for the healthcare simulation market, as increased demand for healthcare services creates demand for well-trained healthcare professionals. So what are these emerging technologies and how do they impact your simulation program? Here are six healthcare trends you should be prepared to incorporate and address.

Get Your Sim Center AV off Life Support with Proper Training Get Your Sim Center AV off Life Support with Proper Training

Everything You Need to Know about AV Standards for Healthcare Simulation

Every part of healthcare training and delivery has its own tools of the trade. A doctor has to know their way around a stethoscope and blood pressure cuff. And as a simulation technician, you need to know how to operate all the tools in your simulation lab, including audiovisual equipment and technology. But managing all that technology is no small feat, even for experienced sim techs. Here are some resources that can help.

How to Choose the Best AV for Your Simulation Center How to Choose the Best AV for Your Simulation Center

The fanciest manikin and most up-to-date medical equipment won’t make much difference in your simulation center if you don’t have audio and video tools that allow students and teachers to communicate clearly during scenarios, as well as review and debrief scenarios once they are over. With the right planning, however, you can design and install AV systems that support and enhance simulation in your center. At Level 3 Audiovisual’s recent Simulation Operations Boot Camp Scott Atkinson, Director of Healthcare Simulation, outlined five things to consider before you start the AV design and engineering process for your simulation center.

Getting Ready to Choose New Sim Lab Equipment? Read This First. Getting Ready to Choose New Sim Lab Equipment? Read This First.

Overwhelmed by a Sim Lab Tech Upgrade? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Are you a simulation technician tasked with choosing new technology for your simulation lab? And are you feeling overwhelmed by the task? Don’t panic. Choosing the best equipment for your sim lab—and getting it for the best price—can be as simple as scoring the perfect vacuum on Black Friday. Maybe even easier, because you won’t have to fight anyone for the last item on the shelf. Keep reading for tips on what you should consider when choosing new sim lab tools—and why the process might be easier than you think.

The Must-Have Credential for Any Simulation Center Integrator The Must-Have Credential for Any Simulation Center Integrator


When you think of simulation centers, audiovisual may not be your first thought. But AV is as integral to the success of simulation centers as the life-like manikins receiving CPR. Virtually every aspect of learning—from recording scenarios to sharing video from vital sign monitors to enabling instructors and students to communicate from different rooms—relies on heavily integrated AV systems. Yet many healthcare simulation solution providers focus solely on simulation technology and outsource the AV design and installation to someone else. This approach leaves the door open for a lot of messy—and often expensive—complications. Without the right level of cooperation between the simulation and AV teams, you risk getting AV tools that can’t integrate with the simulation technology or AV tools that don’t meet your needs at all.

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