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Articles in Category: Simulation Environments for Wet Labs

Wet lab simulation environments offer a low-pressure way to teach medical students and professionals. Learn how your teaching facility can benefit from one here. 

New Use Cases for Healthcare Simulation, Part 3: Wet Labs New Use Cases for Healthcare Simulation, Part 3: Wet Labs

Wet Lab Simulation Provides Invaluable Training for Future Health Professionals

As shown in previous posts, simulation is an increasingly popular tool for training healthcare professionals. Across the U.S. and worldwide, teaching hospitals, medical schools, and nursing schools are employing realistic simulation labs to hone training for future doctors, nurses, and physician assistants. And we've delved into new areas where simulation can help other professionals when faced with life or death decisions, such as police training and EMS professionals.

This post will add another area where simulation offers unique advantages in training medical professionals – cadaver or "wet" labs. Simulation environments for wet labs also present some unique challenges, but the benefits are invaluable for training. Keep reading to learn more about how the Level 3 SimStation simulation suite adapts to cadaver lab training requirements. 

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