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Managed IT solutions can help your IT and AV departments more effectively manage the rapid pace of change in today’s technology requirements. Learn more here.

6 Critical Benefits of Managed IT Solutions 6 Critical Benefits of Managed IT Solutions

Your IT Department May Not Be Able to Do it All

As everyone is painfully aware, the past two years have brought about big changes in how and where people work. The pandemic moved millions of workers out of offices and into homes, and collaboration moved from meeting in physical offices and conference rooms to online platforms with cloud-based applications.

While platforms like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Cisco WebEx and many others existed previously, the new work models presented new challenges for IT and AV departments. They needed to support remote workers, maintain security with an army of people connected through home internet services, onboard and train new workers that never set foot in the office, and figure out how to adapt existing IT and AV infrastructure to the new remote and hybrid work models.

If that sounds like a lot, it is – IT and AV departments have had their hands full with all this disruption. The accelerated pace of change also brings the need for flexibility and adaptation. Hybrid work models are not set in stone, as companies are grappling with getting workers back in offices and if it needs to happen. Many companies are looking at managed IT solutions to augment beleaguered IT and AV organizations already strapped with issues from supply chain shortages and the ability to hire the right skill sets.

Managed IT/AV solutions may not be the solution for everything, but it is a viable option for filling in the gaps in your IT and AV technology needs. Let's examine six reasons why it's a smart move for your Arizona organization.

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