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4 Considerations for Successful Digital Signage Design and Deployment 4 Considerations for Successful Digital Signage Design and Deployment

Behind the Scenes, Digital Signage Has Many Components to Manage

Digital signage is an increasingly popular solution for a wide range of applications. For example, in restaurants, dynamic menus are displayed on digital signage, and pricing and availability can be changed quickly, especially useful in a moving supply environment. In offices, company announcements, promotions, social media posts, charitable drives, and important events can be put on digital signage to highlight information that may get crushed in the daily barrage of company emails and messaging. In building lobbies, digital signage can tell a story and build company brand images, and interactive versions can assist people in locating their destination in a building or campus. 

Digital signage design may be as simple as one display and one solution and person to manage the content in Tempe, AZ. But for large organizations, the complexity of deployment requires a strategy and management process. Read on below for four critical considerations in digital signage design and deployment for your enterprise or organization.

Considering Digital Signage Solutions? Here are 4 Things to Know. Considering Digital Signage Solutions? Here are 4 Things to Know.

The More You Know, The Better Your Solution Will Be

By its very name, digital signage is something you instinctively know. The colossal marquee video walls in New York's Times Square with everything from headlines to video are digital signage. Starbucks has gone to digital menu boards at many locations, letting them easily promote different options appropriate to the time of day. But behind the scenes, the right systems, processes, and practices need to be in place for a successful digital signage implementation.

As an expert in all things AV in the commercial space, our team at Level 3 Audiovisual has years of experience with digital signage solutions, including video walls for mission-critical applications. Whether you are considering a video wall for a monitoring or educational solution or signage for wayfinding, we can help you navigate the options and design, build, install, and maintain the right solution. So, what are the things you need to know for your Phoenix, AZ digital signage project? Please keep reading below.

4 Tips to Make Your Digital Signage Installation More Effective 4 Tips to Make Your Digital Signage Installation More Effective

Make the most out of the display space you have available

Digital signage is a convenient and effective way to drive increased customer engagement with your brand through content that advertises, educates, informs, and entertains. But in a world where the average person spends a large chunk of their day absorbed in computer screens and smartphone screens littered with digital advertising, how do you make your digital displays stand out?

We have some tips to help you make the most out of your digital signage display in Tempe, AZ, or elsewhere in the U.S. Keep reading to learn four best practices.

Read the Writing on the Wall: Why Dynamic Digital Signage Is Here to Stay Read the Writing on the Wall: Why Dynamic Digital Signage Is Here to Stay


Made you look: 63% of people report that digital signage catches their attention. Today, more and more corporations, healthcare organizations, educational institutions and retailers realize how effective digital displays are for communication, engagement, brand awareness and sales. In a technology-centered, digital-driven society, digital signage is a forward-thinking tool that helps businesses communicate and share content more effectively. If you’re interested in a digital signage installation for your business, Level 3 Audiovisual is an AV integrator who serves commercial organizations in Scottsdale, AZ, and across the country. If you’re still on the fence, keep reading to learn more about digital displays.

Renaissance Square Renaissance Square

Corporate Lobby AV Modernization Case Study

Owners of Renaissance Square, Downtown Phoenix’s iconic office towers at 2nd and 40th N. Central Avenue, engaged Hines Project & Property Management to lead the complete re-imagination of the nearly one million square foot Class A property.

The ownership group is headed up by Cypress Office Properties, LLC.  Due to our experience with unique applications of video wall technology, Hines engaged Level 3 Audiovisual to design a video wall within a living wall (a unique merger of technology and nature).  As a result of close coordination with RSP Architects and Plant Solutions, we designed a solution to accommodate both plant growth and operating video wall monitors in a wet environment.

American Express Open Business Lounge American Express Open Business Lounge

A Convention Center Open Lounge Case Study

When American Express set out to create state-of-the-art, Business Lounges in three of the top convention centers in the US, Level 3 Audiovisual was quickly selected to assist with the design and integration of the audiovisual and digital signage technology that would play a key role in delivering the cutting edge experience. The lounges, serving Open Business Card Members, are strategically placed in the Javits Convention Center in New York City, McCormick Place in Chicago, and the Las Vegas Convention Center. The Open Business Lounge concept allows guests an opportunity to take a break from their busy schedules, offering refreshments, free WiFi, computer and printer access, as well as seating for productive meetings or just pure relaxation.

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