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Let's talk about Digital Signage

Image performance is what separates us from other digital signage companies. We build digital signage solutions using equipment that is designed to withstand the rigors of critical operations while displaying crisp imagery to ensure clarity. Our digital signage solutions are perfect for communicating messages to your customers and your employees. Digital signage has the ability to provide real time information and critical updates with remote update capabilities. They serve as great wayfinding displays as well as interactive hands on displays for key information that students need at their fingertips.

We build your solution with the end user in mind. With networking, remote access and digital signage players and streamers, you can guarantee your message is delivered on time and on target. Not to mention, the benefits of using digital signage for emergency notification systems. When working with one of our project managers, we’ll consult with you to ensure optimal placement for maximum exposure of your message while protecting your investment from wear. Our years of industry experience, expertise, and flexibility allow us to deliver you a custom solution that meets your needs.


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From the site survey to the layout map to the final integration, we will partner with your project team to make sure that your project goals are met on time and within budget. Let’s get your voice heard.

Lecture Halls + Auditoriums

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With high-speed data, cryptography, and widely distributed sites, the technology has evolved rapidly. We’ve evolved with it. We provide a wide variety of high-quality audio and video conference set-ups, whether you’re regional or global.

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HD Screen Sharing

Command & Control AV Technology

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Seamless Technology

Designing, building and integrating for today’s modern command & control rooms has to be done correctly. With high level personnel making split second decisions that can have serious consequences it’s imperative that your command and control room is not only functional but highly efficient. Elements like lighting, sight lines and even furniture ergonomics come into play to make a successful control room actionable.

Integration Experience

When your mission critical information is coming in from many sources, trust that we have the years of integration experience to make sure that information comes in correctly and timely. One thing is for certain, when times are tense in a control room, the last thing you need to worry about is your AV system working correctly. We will evaluate all of your integration needs up front and make sure all of the critical systems are tied in to provide the control that your team needs to perform.

Risk Management

We understand that your security control room is more than just a place to display camera feeds – they are nerve centers that must be able to integrate with a wide variety of systems such as video feeds, physical access control, audio feeds, PSA’s and digital signage. Properly integrated security control rooms offer your team varied options to increase efficiency, improve safety of campus visitors, and reduce long-term operating costs.

Let's talk about Lighting Control

Achieve control over your environment with our custom lighting control solutions. Whether it’s timed changes to deal with the shifting position of the sun or preset controls for certain common activities, we can build a lighting control system that meets your projects needs. We leverage the technology of top providers, like Crestron, to handle everything from the lighting logic to the user interface for simple controls.

And if you need your lighting control system to integrate with your broader audiovisual system, we can do that too. Properly timed and flexible lighting mechanics will make or break a performance, so it has to be done right. Our team members will partner with you to blend the two systems together and increase the degree of control you have over your systems. Get the industry’s best lighting control systems from industry experts.


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We have broad experience in the sale, design, and installation of distributed audio systems for corporations. We provide a full range of services including an initial consultation to learn your needs, pre-sales advice, full installation by our experienced technicians, and post-sales support to help you get the most from your new system.

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