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AV Solutions

Unified Communications

You already realize the value of your chosen communications platform, whether it be Teams or Zoom, and the positive impact is has on your ability to collaborate. We specialize in designing solutions which integrate the most popular UC platforms within your physical environment, and most importantly, align with your workflow, creating a seamless transition from desk to meeting room, and beyond.


Learn how we bring Microsoft Teams into your meeting spaces


Learn about adding Zoom Rooms to your workplace


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Connect any meeting to your conference room


Ensuring end user satisfaction requires a proactive approach to creating a frictionless support experience for anyone trying to utilize the deployed technology systems.  L3Connect is a Quick Response Code (QRC) based meeting room support service. L3Connect is made available via a mounted plaque with the QRC displayed allowing a user to scan the code and gain immediate access to items such as; a system user guide, signal flow diagram, one touch chat/telephone/live video assistance and/or easy access to create a support ticket for service or repairs.

Unique QR Codes

Each room system deployed comes with a unique code for support

Quick Start Guide

On demand quick start user guides for system function

Document Storage

Equipment Lists, System Drawings, Other Technical Documentation


On demand operations and maintenance

On-Demand Help Desk

AV chat /phone / live video help desk

Workplace Transformation

The workplace of today continues to evolve rapidly to support the demands of an increasingly collaborative generation of workers empowered with endless technology platforms. Developing a strategy that empowers your teams to adapt and thrive in this ever-changing environment is crucial in delivering on the primary objectives of your organization. To truly transform how you work together requires more than just technology solutions, it requires a shift in mindset, a commitment to growth and learning, and starts with the top executives buying in and leading by example. Let us help you identify your key objectives, create and execute a plan that will build upon the skillsets of your existing employees, attract the best talent, and deliver incredible experiences that will drive your unique business outcomes.


Real Estate Planning

Whether you are in need of technology solutions for your new corporate campus, or you are a developer with a mixed use office space, you need a technology design partner early in your planning process, right alongside your architectural design team. A design partner can help put together a plan which addresses the technology needs of your building occupants and visitors.

Custom Audio

Visual Systems

When an off-the-shelf solution just won’t cut it, our team of designers can help turn your personal requirements for a technology system into reality. We leverage our knowledge and experience with IT networks, video displays, audio, control, construction, cloud, software and hardware to turn your requirements into reliable integrated solution.

Let's talk about Digital Signage

Digital signage is more than a display on a wall with a content player. The real power lies in the content management systems and how you keep your content relevant, fresh and engaging. It starts with defining your outcomes and how you define success with your digital signage program. We can help with display sizing and design from a single screen to video walls, content management systems, content development and ongoing training and support. 

Pulse IDM

Pulse IDM is an advanced, highly intelligent monitoring platform, customized specifically for the audiovisual and unified communications devices commonly found in large enterprise environments. The primary objective is to pro-actively monitor health status of all network connected devices and provide notifications to key personal responsible for the day to day system operation and support.

Device Data Collection

Actively collect device metric & attribute data such as health status, availability, & current state

Smart Thresholds

Detect problem states automatically. Multiple Severity Levels, Anomaly Detection, Trend Prediction.

Alerting and Notification

When devices exceed a defined threshold, alerting and notification protocols drive proactive awareness

Visualization & Analytics

Single Pane of Glass, Customizable dashboards, Graphing , Drill down reports

Custom Integration

API Development, Custom Applications, Custom Device Drivers

Let’s make AV happen, for you.


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