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Are You Making Digital Signage More Difficult Than It Needs to Be? Are You Making Digital Signage More Difficult Than It Needs to Be?

Avoid a ‘Tech Sprawl’ with a Device Management Platform

If your friend still used paper maps to navigate while driving—pulling over to find the right exit— you’d want to help them, right? You’d likely say, “Hey, you should try this thing called GPS. It’s so much easier.”

We feel similarly towards businesses and their approach to digital signage. We still frequently encounter companies that manually deploy digital signage players on computers. To update the display’s software, they need to walk to every single computer, climb up on a ladder, and plug into the device.

Does that sound like your company? If your organization has several or hundreds of digital signage to manage, that’s a hefty task for an IT department that has other concerns. And if you don’t catch issues quickly enough, there could be Windows update notifications or error screens being broadcasted for days or weeks.

Luckily, there’s a better approach. With managed AV services, Level 3 Audiovisual can remotely update software across all your displays from one platform. Read on to learn how managed services eliminate the headache of updating your company’s digital signage!

Considering Digital Signage Solutions? Here are 4 Things to Know. Considering Digital Signage Solutions? Here are 4 Things to Know.


By its very name, digital signage is something you instinctively know. The colossal marquee video walls in New York's Times Square with everything from headlines to video are digital signage. Starbucks has gone to digital menu boards at many locations, letting them easily promote different options appropriate to the time of day. But behind the scenes, the right systems, processes, and practices need to be in place for a successful digital signage implementation.

As an expert in all things AV in the commercial space, our team at Level 3 Audiovisual has years of experience with digital signage solutions, including video walls for mission-critical applications. Whether you are considering a video wall for a monitoring or educational solution or signage for wayfinding, we can help you navigate the options and design, build, install, and maintain the right solution. So, what are the things you need to know for your Phoenix, AZ digital signage project? Keep reading below!

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