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Hybrid classrooms require advanced technology systems and organization to support in-person and remote students. Learn more about classroom solutions here!

Higher Education Solutions: How to Plan a Hybrid Classroom Higher Education Solutions: How to Plan a Hybrid Classroom

Learn more about the practical solutions you need to support in-person and remote learning

The “hybrid workplace” is getting a lot of public attention these days, but it’s not the only industry undergoing a massive paradigm shift in the post-pandemic landscape. The future of colleges and universities is heading in the same direction as the workplace.

The hybrid classroom is one that supports a mix of in-person and remote students. A hybrid model has multiple benefits for students and teachers alike:

  • It allows classrooms to diversify and support a more geographically dispersed community
  • It helps keep students and staff safe and healthy as coronavirus infections persist
  • It offers flexibility to students juggling work, school, and caretaking responsibilities

For all their benefits, hybrid classrooms come with immense challenges to find equitable solutions that support all students, no matter where they’re located. Below, we offer some guidance for key areas of consideration when planning hybrid classrooms in Phoenix, AZ, and other U.S. higher education facilities.

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