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Level 3 Audiovisual designs and install custom meeting room solutions that can be scaled across your entire business. Discover the latest in conference room technology in our blog series here.

Meeting Equity: What Is It And How To Improve Meeting Equity: What Is It And How To Improve

Now more than ever before, companies and organizations must continually consider how they can improve communications within their teams. As such, it is no surprise that topics like meeting equity have only increased in their relevance. Despite that, many working professionals still don't have a firm grasp on what meeting equity is and how improving it can benefit just about any organization. For those not yet in the know, this article will give you a quick introduction to what meeting equity is and how to improve it.

Leverage the Best of Teams and Zoom with Poly Integrated Meeting Room Solutions Leverage the Best of Teams and Zoom with Poly Integrated Meeting Room Solutions

Poly Meeting Room Solutions Support the Most Advanced Features for Hybrid Work

Do you know the old saying about the best-laid plans? You can plan for every contingency or occurrence, but inevitably something happens that you didn't imagine and throws a huge wrench in your intricate plan. So while planning is necessary, a great strategy can adapt to the unforeseen. So what does all this have to do with meeting room solutions

The internet is breathless with all the discussion around hybrid work, and we've also postulated plenty about the subject on these pages. But as we all know, the future of hybrid work is uncertain. How many people will return to offices? What will be the mix of remote versus in-office staff? Most companies are wading through that right now, with many mandating some minimum days in the office while others adopt a remote-first approach. How, then, do you plan your meeting room technology investments? The best way is to invest in adaptable solutions, ready for anything the future holds. 

As everyone knows, two of the leading platforms enabling and advancing hybrid work are Microsoft Teams and Zoom. And much of the upgrades to meeting room technology in the past 2-3 years have involved integrating these platforms into meeting spaces seamlessly. Some of the most flexible solutions for this come from Poly, a well-known and longtime brand in meeting room technology. They offer built-in Teams and Zoom Room functionality, so you don't have to choose. And significantly, they leverage the latest features of these platforms to give your teams a collaborative edge. 

The point is, whether you have two people in your meeting room versus eight people the next day, your meeting room AV makes each meeting just as productive, no matter where all the participants are. Let's explore some of these key features below.

Why Poly is a Smart Choice for Enterprise Meeting Room Solutions Why Poly is a Smart Choice for Enterprise Meeting Room Solutions

Poly Offers Standardized Solutions with the Latest Technology

In the not-too-distant past, setting up a video conferencing room was an exercise in integration. Separate cameras, microphones, speakers, processing, interconnects, and control interfaces all had to be integrated into a cohesive system. Many conference rooms are still custom-built this way, depending on the specific needs of that space and the organization. However, there has been a rise in the “appliance” meeting room solution, an integrated solution that solves the audio and video communication needs of most conference rooms. 

Some of the best of those solutions come from Poly, a longtime player in conference room AV, starting with the ubiquitous Polycom conferencing phones from the 1980s that were found in most corporate meeting rooms. Now, you might think, does an appliance-type solution work for the enterprise? One of the things that aids in deploying meeting room solutions across hundreds or thousands of rooms in disparate locations is standardization. If you can operate a solution in each space that is consistent in usage and operation, you decrease complexity, downtime, and cost. Aided by the fact that Poly is now part of HP and has worldwide distribution and support, solutions like the Poly Studio appliance series are a smart choice for enterprises in Phoenix, AZ, and around the world. 

Keep reading below to explore the benefits of Poly meeting room solutions for your organization.

Managing Meeting Room Solutions Just Got Easier Managing Meeting Room Solutions Just Got Easier

Discover the Poly Lens, the All-In-One Management System

The hybrid work model raised many questions for businesses—and Poly has been ahead of the curve in addressing these issues. Poly’s hardware and software solutions streamline the video conferencing experience and simplify device management for IT teams. 

As a full-service AV integration firm, we're big advocates of Poly’s meeting room solutions. One of Poly’s major advantages? Businesses that use more than one video conferencing system don’t have to choose between Zoom or Teams. With Poly, you can use your existing equipment to join different meetings. 

But Poly knows that large businesses need a way to manage and monitor conferencing hardware and understand how the technology is actually being used. Enter Poly Lens, the management software that unifies all video conferencing endpoints. In this blog article, we’ll dive into how Poly Lens works and why it’s invaluable to modern businesses.

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