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Is your company’s collaboration space built for creativity and brainstorming? If the space isn’t working for you, here’s how you can design for better collaboration.

Your Collaboration Spaces Aren’t Working. What Can We Do? Your Collaboration Spaces Aren’t Working. What Can We Do?

How to Intentionally Design Rooms for the Right Purpose

We often talk about the modern conference room and outfitting the space with cameras, microphones, and displays for successful video conferencing. And while it’s crucial to prepare your conference rooms for the hybrid future, many people are discovering that these long table layouts are not ideal for brainstorming and collaboration. 

When designing your office for a collaboration strategy, each room needs to have a specific purpose. Not every meeting room will make a good collaboration space, and that’s okay. Here’s how you can think strategically about your meeting rooms, so you can create the best environment for every forum.

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