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Logitech’s Sight Camera: A Step Towards Better Hybrid Meetings

Logitech’s Sight Camera: A Step Towards Better Hybrid Meetings

Improve In-Person Audio & Video for a Superior Hybrid Experience

Hybrid workplaces—what a great idea! Work-from-home enthusiasts can take their laptops on the go and work from their home offices, cafes, or wherever they roam. Those who prefer the office’s face-to-face camaraderie can work on location. And a few times a week, everyone collaborates in person.

In theory, it may sound like a dream, but hybrid work models are proving to be more difficult than some imagined—especially during hybrid meetings. Without proper cameras, microphones, displays, and speakers, your teams at the conference table will hardly see or hear remote participants. And those at home won’t feel included in the spur-of-the-moment discussions happening in the conference room.

Luckily, technology brands like Logitech are working to fix this problem with solutions like the new Sight AI-powered camera. We think Sight is a great step in the right direction—here’s why.

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Logitech Sight

360-Degree Camera & Microphones 

The Logitech Sight tabletop camera levels the playing field for remote workers by providing a better audio-visual experience. The device includes dual 4K cameras and seven beamforming microphones that capture voices and faces around the table. It works in unison with the camera at the head of the table, so remote participants have a complete view of the meeting. 

A device like the Logitech Sight is a great way to modernize your conference rooms without ripping out walls to wire new technology. And with voices in closer proximity to the microphone, discussions are heard much more clearly, as though everyone has their own mic. 

Works with Your Favorite Meeting Platform 

The Logitech Sight is compatible with Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, and Zoom, so it can connect to meeting layout features like Zoom’s Smart Gallery and Teams’ Dynamic View. Its built-in AI uses multiple camera angles like a newsroom set, so everyone stays in view. 

A Complete Meeting Room System 

While the Logitech Sight is a helpful solution in small meeting rooms, it may not provide enough coverage in larger spaces. Plus, people will still need to look towards the TV to see remote participants, which may hinder the experience. 

To overcome these obstacles, Level 3 Audiovisual can design and install comprehensive conference room systems that capture everyone’s face and voice while making it easier to see the video call. Whether that’s installing a larger video display, screens on multiple walls, or displays on the table, we can find a solution, so everyone sees the meeting. Mounting multiple cameras and syncing them to one system will provide video to even the largest rooms, and tabletop microphones capture everyone’s input.

Is your business struggling to make hybrid meetings work? Level 3 Audiovisual provides comprehensive conference room solutions to businesses in Phoenix, AZ and across the country. Contact our team for a no-obligation consultation today!

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