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Digital displays like video boards and video walls are interactive and engaging ways to share content with consumers. Explore our blog series to learn more.

LCD or LED: How to Find the Right Digital Display Solution for Your Business LCD or LED: How to Find the Right Digital Display Solution for Your Business

To make the right choice for your business, understand the differences in technology, cost, and utilization of LCD and LED display panels Digital displays — like a massive, single-screen video board or multi-screen video wall — are engaging solutions for displaying content and videos in the university setting, retail stores and restaurants, broadcast TV, sports stadiums and arenas, conference rooms, worship centers, healthcare centers and other public and commercial venues.

In past blogs, we’ve discussed multiple ways digital displays can be used for education, entertainment, and even security. But first, your Scottsdale, AZ, organization must go through the process of selecting and installing the right display for your goals. Below, we’ll explore the two most popular display technologies available and the pros and cons of each.

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