Most healthcare simulation projects require collaboration between a simulation software vendor, an AV vendor, a simulation consultant and an IT vendor. We are the only healthcare simulation technology provider who delivers all four areas of expertise as one company without the need to outsource additional vendors. In other words, one call does it all!


Recording & Debriefing Software

According to simulation research, most of the learning occurs during the debriefing process. That means a comprehensive and reliable AV solution is crucial to perform the proper debriefing session. Real-time or post-event bookmarking and grading, editable checklists, and timestamped video are all part of the SIMStation solution.


Integrated Solution
The ultimate and most flexible solution for simulation centers needing to operate multiple recordings, broadcast live audio video streaming, and video playback. This is a professionally installed, fully integrated system designed for larger centers.


Stationary Solution
This system is pre engineered and configured with all hardware & software upon delivery. Assembly of the system is straightforward; anyone can assemble it by connecting each room to a single network cable.


Mobile In Situ Solution
Small enough to transport on airplanes, an ultra mobile, high end video debriefing system. This solution is perfect for in situ simulation and EMS trainings, as well as simulations which are led by only a small technology and trainer team.


Software Features

Healthcare Simulation
User-friendly touch screen interface
Insert markers and annotations using preconfigured icons
View and capture any patient monitor signal
Toggle quad splitscreen or single screen HD view
Control and record up to eight audio channels
Show images, such as x-rays, on a screen in the training room
Play sound files, e.g. street noise, in the training room
Toggle live video and live audio in debriefing room
Start and stop scenario recording
Switch seamlessly between different rooms with different camera setups
Communicate to all other devices within the SIMNet
Healthcare Simulation
Switch seamlessly between different rooms with different camera setups
Communicate to all other devices within the software
User-friendly touch screen interface
Insert markers and annotations using preconfigured icons
View and capture any patient monitor signal
Toggle quad split screen or single screen HD view
Start and stop scenario recording
Play sound files, e.g. street noise, in the training room
Control and record audio channels and announcements
Show images, such as x-rays, on a screen in the training room
Add in students and faculty, at any time, for data collection
Easily switch and set up cameras for recording
Add scenarios to each room and record simultaneously
Tablets allow faculty to control debriefings, show media and teaching material, as well as, grade students through bookmarks and checklists.

Control & Recording Room Components

SIMStation Recording Box contains all the components of a simulation control room with cutting edge of technology. High quality technical components are installed in a compact rack case (server PC, data storage, radio receiver, network and Wi Fi components, and professional audio hardware). The software can be operated via a full HD touchscreen.

Training Room Components

SIMStation comes equipped with personal wireless microphones, enabling you to record and play back communication of up to 5 training participants. Additionally, an ambient microphone, which is capable of acoustically capturing the entire training environment is included. Thanks to PoE technology (“Power over Ethernet”), a single cable connects to the camera ensuring power supply and the transfer of video data.

Debriefing Room Components

SIMStation Debriefing can be placed within 325ft from the training room. All playback devices (TVs, Projectors, etc.) can be connected via HDMI. Make your simulation training available live or on demand over the internet. Our Live Broadcast interface allows your simulation training to be transmitted live, in full HD, on established streaming services ( e.g. YouTube). Access protection for private distribution is included. The included debriefing tablet allows for easy bookmarking and grading.

Tailored Managed Services

Our proactive monitoring service paired with our lightning-fast help desk services ensure your teams can stop worrying about the technology and focus instead on delivering an incredible simulation experience.

Intelligent Device Monitoring

Intelligent Device Monitoring (IDM) is an advanced, highly intelligent device monitoring platform. It was designed and customized specifically for the audiovisual and unified communications devices commonly found in large enterprise environments. The primary objective of IDM is to proactively monitor the health status of all network-connected devices and provide notifications to key personnel responsible for the day-to-day system management and support operations.
  • Device Data Collection
  • Visualization & Analytics
  • Smart Thresholds
  • Custom Integration
  • Alerting and Notification


What is the point of a cutting-edge technology system if it is hard to use or doesn’t work reliably? For the ultimate user satisfaction, we provide a frictionless support experience for all our installations. L3Connect is a Quick Response Code (QRC) based meeting room support service. L3Connect is available via a mounted plaque with the QRC displayed. A user can scan the code on their mobile phone and gain immediate access to support items like: a system user guide, signal flow diagram, one-touch chat/telephone/live video assistance, and easy access to create a support ticket for service or repairs.
  • Unique QR Codes
  • Manuals
  • Quick Start Guide
  • On-Demand Help Desk
  • Document Storage

Simulation Education & Training

As administrators of a cutting-edge virtual medical simulation lab, you are a team of seasoned experts focused on training and educating simulation professionals. Your role is to prepare your managers, technicians and leaders in the four areas of simulation expertise: healthcare curriculum, anatomy and physiology, audiovisual equipment, and IT technology infrastructure.

Our goal is to support your educational needs by providing simulation training courses via hands-on skills training, theory and concept. We have technicians and managers traveling to us from as far as Miami, FL, Washington, D.C., and across the U.S. to attend our hands-on, interactive Simulation Boot Camp.


Our Recent Projects

UT Health Houston

Cizik School of Nursing

UT Health presented Level 3 Audiovisual with plans to build a state-of-the art simulation center within their high-profile nursing school. This project would become the largest simulation center within the UT Health organization and the largest simulation project for Level 3 Audiovisual.


Nursing School

This center was a retrofit from an existing AV system, and Level 3 Audiovisual was brought in to add a new dimension of user feedback, as well as, provide the newest technology the industry has to offer.

California Baptist University

College of Nursing

The College of Nursing at California Baptist University received provisional accreditation through the Society for Simulation in Healthcare. A year later Level 3  was acquired for the installation of SIMStation into their existing simulation centers.

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