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Healthcare simulation labs help medical and nursing students in Phoenix, AZ, and worldwide receive the training they need in a safe environment. Learn more here.

The Role of IT in Managing a Healthcare Simulation Lab The Role of IT in Managing a Healthcare Simulation Lab

Learn more about a sim lab’s unique IT requirements and how to manage them

Healthcare simulation labs are a high-tech educational tool found in a growing number of universities and hospitals in Phoenix, AZ, and across the U.S. At Level 3 Audiovisual, we’re the only healthcare simulation provider who delivers a turnkey solution with AV, SIMStation simulation software, and management and support services for custom-built labs, including IT and managed services.

Level 3 simulation systems are housed on purpose-built computers. Our team deploys specific web browsers, software, and hardware solutions to run SIMStation programs. Because our computers are purpose-built, they should be managed separately from other devices and systems on a university or hospital network.

If your organization is considering a simulation installation, it’s critical that the IT department is involved in all meetings and discussions from the beginning of the project. Your IT supervisors will be responsible for deciding the best solution for managing a new sim lab. Let’s explore the options below.

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