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What Is AV Service Delivery Management?

What Is AV Service Delivery Management?

Explore Managed AV Services & Their Benefits

As we move into an increasingly digital and hybrid world, audio-video systems now encompass a wider range of technology than ever. We use IP-based systems that connect touch screens, displays, conferencing devices, and more. Across a large scale, these AV systems require the same level of security and monitoring as other IT systems. But in most IT departments, there simply isn’t the capacity to adequately handle AV.

Instead, many companies are switching to managed AV services to ease the burden on their organization. A managed service provider supplies the network, application, and system management through a subscription model that suits your business’s needs. 

To ensure you’re receiving the highest level of assistance, your AV service provider should offer service delivery management. Service delivery management is a process that guarantees the network will perform well and correspond to your service level agreement. 

We get it—terms like “service delivery management” and “AV services” may sound abstract. In this article, we’ll break down what managed AV services do, why service delivery management is important, and how it can enhance and simplify your business’s technology experience.

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What Are Managed AV Services?

Let’s say your organization needs 100 conference rooms and huddle rooms equipped with video conferencing eq uipment. With managed AV services, your provider will assemble, install, and integrate all the equipment systems with ongoing patching, monitoring, and updates.

Now, maintaining AV hardware and software is no longer your IT staff’s responsibility, but instead the managed services company. As a result, your IT department can focus on their tasks while AV is handled by a professional.

The Benefits

With a service provider monitoring your AV systems, they’ll catch issues from their inception and proactively troubleshoot to avoid any downtime. You’ll improve reliability across your company’s technologies and create standard, easy-to-use meeting rooms.

Managed AV also reduces the cost per space, as your equipment is updated in part of your service plan. You won’t have to purchase and sell equipment once it becomes outdated; it’s simply swapped for new AV from your provider. Plus, the managed support company can provide analytics that will help you maximize system utilization and plans for the future.

Service Delivery Management

As a managed AV provider, we offer our clients ‘service delivery management,’ which essentially means continual service improvement. We monitor, repair, and replace hardware as needed so that all items perform to follow the service level agreement (SLA). We’ll configure your devices to best practices, and if there’s a connectivity or functionality issue, we’ll resolve it.

Service delivery management means we’re continually working with you and your AV system under a framework of guidelines, standards and procedures. We don’t just check in a few times a quarter to see how things are going—or wait for you to call and complain. We’re a part of your team, ensuring that all hardware, software, cloud services, and overall network are performing up to standard.

Managed AV services allow organizations to flexibly manage their technology with predictable budgeting and reliable assistance. Level 3 Audiovisual is a Tempe, AZ-based national managed services provider that helps businesses design, deploy, and manage cutting-edge AV systems. Could your business benefit from managed AV services?

Contact Level 3 Audiovisual here or message us in the chat box below to get started. We look forward to working with you! 

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