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How Does Remote Monitoring and Management Serve the Hybrid Workplace?

How Does Remote Monitoring and Management Serve the Hybrid Workplace?

A remote-first approach is necessary for distributed systems, places, and people

Ready or not, the digital transformation is coming. Flexible, agile, and nimble software-driven AV tools like unified communications, video conferencing, and digital signage are becoming commonplace office technologies in the hybrid workplace. And in response, AV systems management solutions need to become as flexible, agile, and nimble as the tools they’re supporting.

AV remote monitoring and management (RMM) is the support model of the future. Under a managed services agreement, you receive 24/7 proactive RMM for a fixed monthly price. In return, you’re not responsible for the burden and costs of making sure your systems work — your managed services provider (MSP) is.

Remote monitoring and management lead to fewer problems that disrupt your workflows and cost your business money, time and resources. Keep reading to learn how RMM as a service supports your hybrid workplace in Scottsdale, AZ, or elsewhere in the U.S.

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Proactive Monitoring Reduces User-Reported Issues

Most issues in the conference room are reported by the end-user. And by that point, the problem is already impacting your organization’s finances, workflows, and reputation.

How much does an outage in your conference room cost? Certainly, hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not millions, once you account for equipment and service costs, lost productivity, and the wasted time of your employees and executives. And the impact of AV outages ripple beyond the financial — what about the emotional cost of losing face with your employees, business partners, vendors, or clients?

The impact of a downed system increases exponentially in the hybrid workplace. For example, suppose your employees and executives travel to the physical office for the sole purpose of an in-person meeting. In that case, you could hemorrhage several hours or a day’s worth of lost time and productivity if a meeting is canceled.

One of the most critical purposes of remote monitoring and management is identifying and fixing issues before they reach the end-user. With enterprise-level monitoring, small problems are discovered before they spiral to cause system failures, and your AV systems experience improved uptime and reliability. With fewer disruptions to business workflows, your employees and executives can work more productively and efficiently toward meeting common business objectives.   

Why You Need a Managed Services Provider, Not a Monitoring Tool

So, why not just purchase an off-the-shelf remote monitoring solution? First, many existing programs are point tools — they work well with manufacturer-specific devices but can’t integrate your entire AV ecosystem. The result is tool sprawl and data silos that hinder your organization’s efforts to gather valuable analytics about system health and performance. Second, you’re still responsible for making your conference room systems work. Your organization is on the hook for the fixed labor costs of an in-house IT team plus the costs for equipment service, which could run into the thousands or hundreds of thousands per issue. 

Level 3’s managed service for RMM takes technology issues out of your hands entirely. Our RMM solution is vendor-agnostic and provides a 360° view of your entire AV ecosystem. In a hybrid workplace where people and systems are widely dispersed, our RMM solution places everything you need to know about the health and performance of your systems behind a single pane of glass. Finally, you don’t need to do anything to make your conference room systems work. Our team manages labor, equipment, and service costs on our end, for a fixed monthly price on your end.

Are you ready to explore the advantages of a subscription-based managed services model for your AV systems? Get started by reaching out to Level 3 Audiovisual or clicking the chat box below to connect instantly. We look forward to working with you.

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