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Solve All Your Meeting Room Woes With Crestron Flex UC

Solve All Your Meeting Room Woes With Crestron Flex UC

One solution delivers everything you need

The workplace is undergoing a digital transformation. The global pandemic that rocked the globe in 2020 sent millions of workers in Phoenix, AZ, and across the U.S. to work out of home offices, collaborate with teammates in the cloud, and meet over video instead of in person. Now, as people start trickling back to the office, they have new expectations for the environment they work in and the technology they use. Making Zoom calls from home is easy — now, employees want the in-office experience to be as easy as clicking a link and jumping on a video call.

And with Crestron Flex, it can be. Flex is an all-in-one unified communications solution that delivers everything you need in the conference room on a single, user-friendly platform. Flex was designed to support the new hybrid workplace and facilitate the digital workplace transformation. So what do you get with Flex’s single solution? Keep reading to find out.

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1. A Good User Experience

Let’s be real: most meetings aren’t all that enjoyable. And they’re even less enjoyable when conference room systems are too complex to use. A Flex system provides everything you need to on a single, user-friendly platform, which drastically reduces wasted time during meetings.

No more getting up to fumble with the lights, close heavy window shades, or pull down a large projection screen. No more having team members come up single-file to plug in a laptop or hard drive and give a presentation from the front of the room.

With Flex, a single button press on the room touchscreen can dim the lights, roll down the projection screen, and sweep the shades closed. Anyone in the room can present wirelessly from their seat using a personal laptop or tablet. Flex’s all-in-one solution eliminates the guesswork, discomfort, and frustration that arises from trying to operate unfamiliar systems.

2. A Standardized Experience

Flex can be deployed in as many meeting and collaboration spaces as your offices have, from private offices up to executive boardrooms. Flex’s all-in-one platform guarantees that any employee can walk into any collaboration space and confidently start a meeting.

Standardizing the office with a single solution helps meetings start faster and run more efficiently because employees don’t have to learn a new setup in every space. Additionally, standardization reduces the time you need to train employees and new hires on your conference room systems.

3. A Solution for Every Space

Flex delivers all the power of a robust conference room system with a significantly smaller physical impact. Everything you need to start a video meeting, loop in remote participants, share content, and control the room environment is contained in a single tabletop touchscreen. High-fidelity audio and HD video are already built in to ensure that everyone is seen and heard.

Where many conference room systems are too large and bulky to install in small meeting spaces, Flex’s 7” or 10” touchscreen systems are ideal for areas as small as casual huddle rooms, private offices, and home offices. At the same time, Flex can manage large training rooms and executive boardrooms with ease.

4. Seamless Scheduling

Booking meetings is one of the biggest pain points employers and employees have in the office. But Flex makes it easy to book the right space, at the right time, and with the right people. Flex has built-in room scheduling that connects with numerous preferred software platforms, including Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, G Suite, and many others.

Once Flex is set up with your preferred software, reserving a meeting space is easy from any device — on an app, a wall-mounted scheduling touchscreen, or the tabletop touchscreen inside meeting spaces. While you’re in a meeting room, one glance at the touchscreen will tell you the day’s schedule and room availability and allow you to reserve space on the spot. Flex makes it simple to avoid double-bookings and manage the flow of people and meetings in the office.

5. Cloud-Based Management

Flex provides a single solution for everything your conference room needs — including management. XiO Cloud unites all your Crestron products in a single operations platform that your IT team can monitor and manage remotely. Your IT department can monitor uptime, troubleshoot remotely, and push updates to all devices and rooms from a single dashboard.

As the workplace evolves, smart enterprise organizations invest their resources into next-generation meeting room design and intuitive room systems like Crestron Flex and XiO Cloud that empower employees to communicate, collaborate, and connect more efficiently and productively. If you’re ready to make upgrades to support the workplace of the future, reach out to Level 3 Audiovisual today. Call us or fill out an online form to connect with our team.

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