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The AV9000 standard is built on general concepts and principles of quality management, with an added AV twist. Making your company AV9000 compliant is the first step to showing your customers and clients that you are applying quality management processes to all your AV projects—something that is increasingly a requirement of AV technology buyers. Becoming AV9000 compliant can also serve as a stepping-stone to AV9000 certification further down the line. The specific metrics applied for AV9000 compliance are: Staging, Commissioning, and System Acceptance.

Companies with an AV9000 Compliance certificate can market themselves to current and prospective customers as a provider that manages quality following the highest level of monitoring and measuring. As an exclusive AQAV training partner, we provide  consultation and training to prepare companies, educational institutions and other organizations to earn their AV9000 compliance and certification. If you are a media manager, IT director, technology manager or if you otherwise manage enterprise-level AV and IT in your organization, click the button below to sign up for AV9000 Classes

We are an Arizona State Contract Preferred Vendor


Ease of Ordering

It’s easier to order from Preferred Vendors, especially those with catalogs enabled in the iBuyNU marketplace. It even reduces the transaction costs (total costs of acquisition). Improved access to information with prefered vendors also leads to further improved contracts and minimizes the ethical questions about vendors you are purchasing from.

Save More Money

Consolidation of usage drives up volume, providing incentive for vendors to offer the best possible price. The price on contracts is the actual price departments/schools will pay. All savings are realized by the ordering department/school. If pricing is ever improved, everyone benefits.

Reduce Risk

Service levels are higher because these vendors have a stronger commitment to the University. Purchasing and Strategic Sourcing monitors the performance of Preferred Vendors to make sure they comply with the contract agreement.

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A whitepaper that guides you through the process of planning for a video wall.


A whitepaper on AV9000 Quality Assurance. Click to download below!

Past AV Projects

Click the button below to explore some of our past work. Our projects range, from corporate, higher education, healthcare, retail, government, and hospitality organizations.

Frequently Asked Questions

AV engineers by nature have very different backgrounds. Some used to be live or studio audio engineers. Some have college degrees in engineering, some have degrees in art. Some never went to college, but years spent in the industry school of hard knocks learning the pitfalls of “AV design and deployment” is schooling enough. Understanding that the knowledge spread across an engineering team is more vast and deep than any one person can hope to learn in a lifetime allows for the team to learn from each other, and provide subject matter expertise across the many, many disciplines required to engineer a complete solution. Information sharing does not happen by accident, or without a structured effort set forth to continually educate the team.


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Audio video quality assurance also helps to eliminate errors and omissions discovered at the last-minute, which prevents the added cost of rushed orders and additional labor hours. This also reduces problems further down the road, when little-used functions are needed for use, since all performance deliverables were addressed from the beginning.

The state government of Arizona as well as any Arizona political subdivision such as cities, counties, school districts, special districts, and Tribal Nations can become members of the State Purchasing Cooperative and access the State Vendor List. If your organization falls into one of these categories and is not currently utilizing preferred vendors who hold Arizona State Contracts, there are some key benefits you could be missing.


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