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New Use Cases for Healthcare Simulation, Part 1: EMS Simulation Labs New Use Cases for Healthcare Simulation, Part 1: EMS Simulation Labs

What do you need to outfit an ambulance for EMS education?

When we consider the educational role of healthcare simulation, the traditional use cases are for nursing, physician, and PA students in training hospitals and universities in Houston, TX, and other major cities across the U.S. However, simulation technology is incredibly sophisticated and vastly adaptable to help medical professionals of all types gain hands-on practice and experience in a safe, simulated environment. 

Over the next few months, we’ll be embarking on a blog series to explore the expansion of simulation technology and new use cases for future healthcare professionals. 

Today, we’re starting with EMS simulation labs built in ambulances and other environments where EMS professionals deliver critical care to patients. Outfitting an ambulance for EMS education requires thinking through several unique considerations. We’re here to help guide you through them — keep reading to learn more. 

Why You Should Outsource Your LED Video Wall Project Why You Should Outsource Your LED Video Wall Project

VWaaS – Video Wall as a Service is Here

We’ve talked a lot on these pages about considering a different way to look at your AV infrastructure investments. Like payroll services, HR management platforms, and a host of other software and its attendant hardware, owning these solutions and managing them inside your organization makes less sense every passing day. The reasons are straightforward – you are looking for a business result, and owning the tools and methods for these systems doesn’t provide any business advantage to your organization. 

Video walls are increasingly popular tools for communication, promotion, and engagement. If you are considering an LED video wall for a corporate lobby, retail location, or operations center, you are looking at a significant investment in hardware, software, installation, maintenance, and training. Is there a simpler way to get the result for your Tempe, AZ organization without investing in all this support up front? There is, with VWaaS. OK, we may have made this term up. But there are excellent reasons why you should consider acquiring your video wall as a subscription service through Level 3 Audiovisual. Stay with us as we explain below!

AV Systems Integrator Vs. Managed Services Provider — What’s the Difference?  AV Systems Integrator Vs. Managed Services Provider — What’s the Difference?

Who provides the most value to your business?

Your AV systems are significant contributors to your company’s productivity and bottom line. When it comes time to elevate the conference and training rooms in your Scottsdale, AZ, home office, or build out new meeting spaces in a second office, you want to ensure you’re investing in the right solutions that will create meaningful experiences and promote business growth and productivity. 

Two vastly different standards are emerging and diverging in the enterprise market: the AV system integrator model and the managed services provider (MSP) model. What’s the difference, and which models delivers more value to your business? Find out below. 

The Qualiverse - What's with the checklists? The Qualiverse - What's with the checklists?

I love checklists. They are some of my favorite things. In fact, I start each day with a prioritized daily task list (which is basically a checklist of things I need to get done that day). When I take the scouts camping, I use a checklist to make sure I have everything I need. When I go to Costco? You guessed it. Checklists. When I get up to leave at a restaurant, mental checklist: wallet, phone, keys...good to go. When I want to make sure I delivered a quality AV system? Checklists out the wazoo! They make life so easy. Not only that, they make it possible to consistently deliver on experience.

What is Hardware as a Service, and How Does it Help Your Company? What is Hardware as a Service, and How Does it Help Your Company?

Yes, Even Hardware Can Be a Service

We’ve discussed the merits of managed services at length on these blog pages. The term SaaS (Software as a Service) is well understood in the IT lexicon and the technology world. Managed services are also starting to become well understood and, generally speaking, are all about delivering an outcome-based level of performance and service for a set monthly fee. So, what, then, is Hardware as a Service (HaaS), and how does it play into the world of managed services? 

For the most part, HaaS is the same concept as any other managed service. We’re going to use a consumer example here, and while it may not correlate directly to the commercial audio-visual world, it is illustrative. 

Volvo currently offers some unique leasing plans for some of its models. In fact, they don't call it a lease; they call it a subscription. Unlike common car leases, this one offers full maintenance (including tires), insurance, road hazard coverage, and almost everything you need to operate the vehicle but fuel. It doesn't even require a long-term commitment. It’s as close as you get in the auto world to the car as a service, where you get almost all the benefits of ownership without most of the downside.

HaaS for your Phoenix, AZ company can work in much the same way as Volvo’s subscription-based model, and then some. Let’s explore the HaaS model for AV and its benefits in more detail below. 

How to Build Your Own Simulation Education Pathway How to Build Your Own Simulation Education Pathway

Learn about different tools and resources available to help you start a career in medical simulation

Medical simulation is rising in popularity as an engaging and effective way to deliver education to medical students in a safe, structured environment. And with new sim labs popping up in training hospitals and universities in Miami, FL, and across the U.S., the need for qualified simulation technicians is rising as well.

Simulation education can take the form of many pathways, from certifications and trade schools to college-level degrees and courses. And it’s a field open and attractive to individuals with various areas of expertise — nurses, IT technicians, and AV experts could all find that becoming a sim tech is a fulfilling career path.

If you’re interested in pursuing a career as a simulation technician or similar role, we have some guidelines to help you create a simulation education pathway. Keep reading to get started!

Solve All Your Meeting Room Woes With Crestron Flex UC Solve All Your Meeting Room Woes With Crestron Flex UC

One solution delivers everything you need

The workplace is undergoing a digital transformation. The global pandemic that rocked the globe in 2020 sent millions of workers in Phoenix, AZ, and across the U.S. to work out of home offices, collaborate with teammates in the cloud, and meet over video instead of in person. Now, as people start trickling back to the office, they have new expectations for the environment they work in and the technology they use. Making Zoom calls from home is easy — now, employees want the in-office experience to be as easy as clicking a link and jumping on a video call.

And with Crestron Flex, it can be. Flex is an all-in-one unified communications solution that delivers everything you need in the conference room on a single, user-friendly platform. Flex was designed to support the new hybrid workplace and facilitate the digital workplace transformation. So what do you get with Flex’s single solution? Keep reading to find out.

Level 3 Audiovisual Triples the Number of Families Adopted in Annual Christmas Adopt-a-Family Program Level 3 Audiovisual Triples the Number of Families Adopted in Annual Christmas Adopt-a-Family Program

We are excited to announce our annual “Adopt a Family for Christmas” program was a huge success.  The program asks for Level 3 Audiovisual employees to “adopt” a family and provide Christmas gifts. We started this program in 2018 by working with The Society of St. Vincent De Paul and we are now partnering with the wonderful people at H.E.L.P. (Homeless Engagement Lift Partnership).

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