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How To Leverage Video Wall Displays for Retail Applications How To Leverage Video Wall Displays for Retail Applications

Make Brick and Mortar Retail an Experience with Interactivity and Engagement

It’s no secret that retail sales at brick and mortar stores are losing ground every year to online shopping. With the ongoing pandemic, brick and mortar retail is hurting even more and may experience more fallout. Is physical retail dying? No, but just as technology has reshaped the shopping experience online, technology can invigorate the physical shopping experience too.

While shopping for sundries and household needs might be easier to do online, shopping for fashion, cosmetics, and other fine goods that appeal to more than the visual sense is still a more pleasurable experience in person. In Scottsdale, shopping centers like the Fashion Square, Kierland Commons, and more cater to an upscale shopping experience. But retailers may need to adopt solutions to create more differentiated shopping opportunities in-store to get people away from screens at home.

What might be such a solution? Interestingly enough, it involves more screens, big screens, and many of them. Read on for suggestions on how to liven up physical shopping settings in Scottsdale with video wall displays.

4 Ways To Use Video Walls for Education and Engagement 4 Ways To Use Video Walls for Education and Engagement

Video Walls Are Versatile Tools for Communication and Interaction

Video walls have become increasingly popular for combining different types of information onto a large canvas in exciting and engaging ways. With flat-panel LED displays and the controller technology becoming increasingly affordable, it’s possible for almost any organization across Arizona to take advantage of the multimedia prowess of a video wall.

Whether it’s a video wall for your school in Tucson or one for medical training in Phoenix, the applications are only limited by your imagination. Keep reading to learn about four video wall styles and some valuable ways they can be employed.

How Video LED Walls Can be Used for Security Monitoring How Video LED Walls Can be Used for Security Monitoring

Explore Ways Video Walls Help You Keep an Eye on Mission Critical Operations

Video walls are a coordinated set of displays used for specific applications. Given that security monitoring in a commercial or operations environment typically involves multiple feeds, security and surveillance is an excellent application for LED video walls. One reason why is that it can be much easier to route video signals to multiple smaller displays than multiplexing them onto a single large display.

This blog will cover some ways multi-screen video walls can enable some novel approaches to security monitoring in your Tempe, AZ, operation. Keep reading for more!

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