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Level 3 Audiovisual is a leading AV integrator of video wall display solutions serving Scottsdale, AZ, and other areas in the US. Call us at (480) 892-1071.

How to Create a Video Wall with Multiple LCD Displays How to Create a Video Wall with Multiple LCD Displays

Enjoy the Performance of a Video Wall at a Fraction of the Cost

An LED video wall transforms any blank space into an engaging, exciting experience. From corporate offices to sports stadiums, video wall displays are the ultimate visual technology

But video walls can be costly and aren’t always a practical solution. If you still want to create a larger-than-life display, we can join together a “video wall” using multiple smaller LED or LCD displays—even using screens from different manufacturers. 

You may worry: will it look seamless if we use many smaller screens? Well, if the displays aren’t calibrated and color balanced, you’ll likely be distracted by mismatched-looking screens. 

But Level 3 Audiovisual can calibrate all the displays at your business—even other screens like projectors and touchscreens—to match with the same colors and brightness. Here’s how it works.

How To Leverage Video Wall Displays for Retail Applications How To Leverage Video Wall Displays for Retail Applications


It’s no secret that retail sales at brick and mortar stores are losing ground every year to online shopping. With the ongoing pandemic, brick and mortar retail is hurting even more and may experience more fallout. Is physical retail dying? No, but just as technology has reshaped the shopping experience online, technology can invigorate the physical shopping experience too.

While shopping for sundries and household needs might be easier to do online, shopping for fashion, cosmetics, and other fine goods that appeal to more than the visual sense is still a more pleasurable experience in person. In Scottsdale, shopping centers like the Fashion Square, Kierland Commons, and more cater to an upscale shopping experience. But retailers may need to adopt solutions to create more differentiated shopping opportunities in-store to get people away from screens at home.

What might be such a solution? Interestingly enough, it involves more screens, big screens, and many of them. Read on for suggestions on how to liven up physical shopping settings in Scottsdale with video wall displays.

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