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How Video LED Walls Can be Used for Security Monitoring

How Video LED Walls Can be Used for Security Monitoring


Video walls are a coordinated set of displays used for specific applications. Given that security monitoring in a commercial or operations environment typically involves multiple feeds, security and surveillance is an excellent application for LED video walls. One reason why is that it can be much easier to route video signals to multiple smaller displays than multiplexing them onto a single large display.

This blog will cover some ways multi-screen video walls can enable some novel approaches to security monitoring in your Tempe, AZ, operation. Keep reading for more!

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Protecting Infrastructure

Critical infrastructure like water and electric utilities, data centers, transportation systems, energy production, and other operations regularly face unseen threats. It may be in the form of disgruntled employees, potential terrorist threats, operational errors that can lead to severe consequences, or cyberattacks. A video wall can be a vital component of a comprehensive security strategy to help personnel monitor and receive visuals and information in a cohesive way.

Command, Control, and Response

Your security umbrella might be composed of a variety of disparate systems. Access control, video surveillance, fire alarm, and water intrusion detection might be components that supply information. These systems often do not integrate, and they provide alerts, warnings, and health status in different ways.

A video wall can help centralize information in a command center. Vital numbers from a wastewater facility could be on one screen showing the operational status of various systems. Video feeds from critical areas can be monitored to give a visual of essential valves and other potential high-maintenance areas. Data screens and video feeds can be grouped together for quick reference and action. Color coding can be used to draw attention to emergency or problem situations.

Another application might be the protection of high-value equipment or inventory. RFID tags can track the movement of equipment, and if it leaves an area when not supposed to, it can trigger a series of events. Video camera feeds can be automatically engaged on a part of the video wall, access-controlled entries locked if necessary, and a graphic can track the object's movement across a facility. At every step, the activity can be tracked and confirmed via coordinated camera feeds strategically placed throughout the facility. A similar approach can be used for an intrusion that bypassed access control, to track unauthorized people in high-security areas. Centralizing information for security and staff to have everything they need to take quick action can mean the difference between serious accidents and losses and problem situations avoided.

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