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Use Workplace Analytics to Help Manage Your Meeting Rooms Use Workplace Analytics to Help Manage Your Meeting Rooms

Do you know if your audio-visual systems are being used effectively?

It seems only fitting to begin a post about analytics by dropping some data for you to digest. According to market research from, global average meeting room utilization is only 30%. Furthermore, when meetings are in session, only 40% of seats are filled on average. And while most meeting rooms can hold at least six people or more, the average meeting size is less than four people.

3 Best Practices for Designing LED Video Wall Content 3 Best Practices for Designing LED Video Wall Content


Video walls, in many use cases, are no more than a giant digital signage solution. But the large canvas it provides also makes for more complexity. Multiple screens are involved, specialized mounting is typically needed, and ultimately, content is king to use the large signage wisely.

A successful video wall is a mix of using the right technology and designing the right content that leverages the technology. Just like a pickup truck isn’t the right vehicle to do the oval at Phoenix International Raceway, you want to match your LED wall technology to the needs of your content and the content to the capabilities of your Arizona LED wall. Keep reading for three best practices to keep in mind for your next video wall project.

What You Need to Know about Outdoor LED Video Walls What You Need to Know about Outdoor LED Video Walls


Video walls are a popular way to convey information, tell a story, and engage an audience with a multimedia presentation. Not only can they be used indoors in office lobbies, retail stores, or large meeting spaces, but they can also go outdoors on an even bigger canvas.

Whenever you take electronic technology outdoors, you have some different things to consider. Naturally, weather resistance is the first thing that will come to mind. But there are quite a few other questions you should consider as well. Keep reading below to learn more about what you should think about as you plan your outdoor LED video wall project in Phoenix, AZ.

What Top Features Should You Look for in an LCD Video Wall? What Top Features Should You Look for in an LCD Video Wall?

Look for These Capabilities for Top-Tier Video Wall Performance

Video wall technology has become increasingly popular – and even essential – for a wide variety of applications. With today's information sources converging onto digital multimedia formats, video walls present large canvasses and opportunities to tell a story, present information, educate, facilitate collaboration, engage customers, and much more. But are all LCD video walls the same? No, there is a wide range of solutions. Keep reading to see the top features that separate the best LCD video walls from the rest for your Tempe, AZ, projects.

Audiovisual Design & Consulting Services Audiovisual Design & Consulting Services

There are as many different professional AV solutions as there are uses for them. With such a wide array of audio visual solutions available today, and as that number increases with the ongoing evolution of technology, audiovisual design and consulting services provide expert interpretation of needs and selection of AV solutions that fit the application and budget of a client.

Audiovisual Design: How Do AV Engineers Play a Role in my Design? Audiovisual Design: How Do AV Engineers Play a Role in my Design?

An AV engineer in the past, had a skill set more focused on (surprise, surprise...) the audio and visual aspects of presentation and communication systems. Properly specifying components like speakers, amplifiers, audio processors, microphones, projectors and displays, were all in the wheel house of the AV engineer. Then control systems entered the space, and those engineers started to add knowledge on how to control many aspects of the system from button panels, then custom designed touch screens. These control systems ran on proprietary communication lines for a while, then they started to add standard network and IP connections. Now the AV engineer needs to understand networking, routers, switches and access points, and especially how to work with IT managers in charge of the customer network. This also comes into play when working with video conferencing codecs, like Cisco and Polycom. Next the "soft codec" was brought to the conference and meeting room arena, which is a term used to describe video conferencing applications running on "BYOD" devices, like laptops. Video conferencing services include Zoom, Skype for Business and WebEx. Now the AV engineer needs to deeply understand incorporating USB devices into their designs.

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