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Use Workplace Analytics to Help Manage Your Meeting Rooms

Use Workplace Analytics to Help Manage Your Meeting Rooms

Do you know if your audio-visual systems are being used effectively?

It seems only fitting to begin a post about analytics by dropping some data for you to digest. According to market research from, global average meeting room utilization is only 30%. Furthermore, when meetings are in session, only 40% of seats are filled on average. And while most meeting rooms can hold at least six people or more, the average meeting size is less than four people.

Yikes. Considering the financial investment (we’re talking in the billions) to design, build, and maintain conference rooms and meeting spaces with expensive audio-visual systems, the above statistics are disheartening. That’s right: failing to utilize your business’s meeting spaces and technology systems properly can have a significant impact on your bottom line.

You can create more effective meeting environments by equipping your workplace with analytics solutions that track and document how your spaces and systems are used. Keep reading to learn more about the effect that meeting room data can have on your Scottsdale, AZ, or global business. 

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Understand Space Utilization

Space utilization is one of the primary metrics business leaders use to make workplace decisions. According to a report from, 37% of workplaces globally were empty during any given workday in 2018. How much money does that equal? Approximately $150 billion in unused space. And in 2021, unused and underutilized spaces will become a bigger thorn than ever before as more organizations shift to flexible schedules and hybrid workplaces.

Intelligent technologies like workplace management software (Crestron’s XiO Cloud is a good example), occupancy/vacancy sensors, and people counting sensors can help businesses collect and analyze space utilization data and turn insight into action.

Workplace analytics provide valuable understanding into critical meeting details, including:

  • Audio-visual system usage
  • Occupancy compared to current room capacity
  • How long meetings are booked versus how long meetings last
  • No-show meetings that are on the books
  • Double bookings

Data-driven measurements like the ones above help your business identify inefficiencies in scheduling processes, technology systems, and space usage in the office.

Strategically Plan for the Future

Actionable workplace data provides an opportunity for your business to optimize the people, space, and technology you have available and strategically plan for the future. Analytics paint a clear picture of how effectively you leverage your organization’s meeting spaces and technology systems.

Does the data show that large conference rooms are consistently booked for meetings with fewer than five people? Do time slots fill up fast, or are teams only holding 2-3 meetings a week? What are the averages of in-person versus remote participants per meeting? Is one room more frequently booked over others? Or vice-versa — is there a meeting room that’s never booked at all?

Once you have more insight into space utilization, your business can make strategic decisions to optimize the technology assets and real estate you have. That could mean adjusting the balance of rooms to include fewer large boardrooms and more flexible huddle rooms. It could mean auditing underutilized AV systems for user-friendliness or adapting more rooms with systems that support remote participation. And it could mean cutting surplus conference rooms altogether, building new meeting spaces to accommodate an influx of in-person collaboration, or training team leads on best practices to avoid misuse of space.

Data-driven decisions help workplaces become more efficient, more productive, and more cost-effective to use and maintain.

Level 3 Audiovisual is here to help your organization strategize, design, deploy, and support workplace technology. Reach out to us here or start a live chat using the chat box on your screen. We look forward to helping you.

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