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4 Tips to Make Your Digital Signage Installation More Effective

Make the most out of the display space you have available  Digital signage is a convenient and effective way to drive increased customer engagement with your brand through content that advertises, educates, informs, and entertains. But in a world where the average person spends a large chunk of their day absorbed in computer screens and…

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Up Your Collaboration Game with a Microsoft Teams Room System

Take Meetings to the Next Level with Microsoft Teams Conference Rooms With the unprecedented effects of the pandemic this past year, millions of office workers relocated to their homes to work. It may have been a completely new experience to many, but several companies discovered that remote work could be just as productive as working…

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3 Ways a Healthcare Simulation Lab Adds Value to Your Institution

Set your medical program apart with a state-of-the-art simulation lab  Simulation-based education is a powerful and growing teaching tool filling in the gaps traditional, book-based teaching tools can’t reach in specific professional fields. Among the fastest–growing areas of simulation-based learning is the healthcare industry.  A healthcare simulation lab provides medical students with a realistic environment where they can safely and…

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Should You Use Sound Masking in Your AV Installation?

Consider It the Noise Cancelation Headphones for Your Offices  Do you remember the movie “Wall Street?” The first one, of course, from 1987. You might recall the noisy bullpen scene with the frenzy of stockbrokers cold calling for clients. Who wants to work in that noisy environment?  As it turns out – this pandemic notwithstanding…

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Why You Should Be Working with an Integrator to Install a Video Wall

Video wall solutions require an experienced team for design and installation  Video walls and digital signage are some of the hottest AV solutions on the market. And there’s no better time than right now to educate, engage and enthrall your audience with a unique and eye-catching method for content display.  But video wall solutions are not plug-and-play devices — they are hugely technical and…



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