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3 Best Practices for Using Digital Signage in the Hybrid Workplace

3 Best Practices for Using Digital Signage in the Hybrid Workplace

Digital Signage Offers a Highly Visible Communication Channel for Hybrid Work Models

Digital signage has been around for some time with many successful applications, from restaurants to shopping centers to building lobbies and transportation hubs. The advantages of digital display technologies are numerous and well-understood, but companies are taking a closer look at this solution for a new area  that is not so well-understood – hybrid workplaces.

While no one can reliably predict the future of the hybrid workplace, there are visible trends and real data to guide us right now. A global Google survey on hybrid work indicated that 75% of respondents believed hybrid work would be standard practice in their organizations over the next three years. The survey also revealed concerns with hybrid work, with 57% of respondents feeling disconnected from the organization and coworkers with limited or no physical and social interaction.

So how does a solution like digital signage come into play? As organizations figure out their models for hybrid work, digital signage can be a tool for effective communication and increased engagement in the physical office in a world chock-full of email, text, social media, internal messaging platforms, and general information overload. Let's explore four best practice models for using digital signage applications to build more connected hybrid workplaces in Scottsdale, AZ. 

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Organizational Connection

Digital signage content can place important messaging front and center in the physical office space. Often in remote work environments, the daily work takes precedence, and the connection to the company's purpose and mission may be diminished.

When workers are in the office, digital signage displays can reinforce the connection. Strengthen the bond with the workforce by showing company successes that are directly connected to key initiatives. Some examples are successful beachheads into new markets, a company joint venture, an important new client or customer win. With digital signage in prominent areas where workers gather, it can be front and center and not lost in the crush of messages and social media.

Visualizing Data

Many organizations have internal tools with dashboards to track up the minute progress on metrics. Whatever they may be – sales, production numbers, financials, web analytics, social following, stock price – digital signage offers an excellent way to bring it to life, front and center. It’s as easy as a custom web page with feeds from the company’s various applications or a business intelligence system. Make the data even more real by connecting it to specific company successes so that teams feel their work matters.


While the pandemic's effect is waning and workers return to the office at least part-time, it doesn't mean outbreaks won't occur locally and demand temporary measures. Here again, digital signage can help. With occupancy measured through access control systems or hot desk usage, the organization can communicate safety measures to those in the office. That may mean indicating open meeting areas with a safe number of people, reinforcing guidelines for social distancing if necessary, and what areas may be closed or limited, like the cafeteria or the gym. While all these messages can and will be communicated via other methods, digital signage can keep them prominent and updated in the affected spaces.

Of course, deploying digital signage is much more than putting up displays in key areas. Managing the hardware, keeping software up to date, monitoring continuous operation, and content management are all critical aspects of a successful deployment. Are you interested in learning more about digital signage to create more connected hybrid workplaces? Get started by reaching out to Level 3 Audiovisual or clicking the chatbox below to connect instantly. We look forward to working with you. 

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