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Could your Phoenix, AZ, business benefit from a unified communications and collaboration solution like Zoom Rooms? Call Level3 AV to learn more.

Create More Equitable Zoom Room Experiences with Smart Gallery Create More Equitable Zoom Room Experiences with Smart Gallery

Zoom Rooms Smart Gallery Lets Everyone Enjoy More Participatory Meetings

The past two-plus years of the pandemic brought Zoom meetings into the modern lexicon. As work went remote in companies small and large, video conferencing became the go-to approach for meetings and interaction. Zoom is not the only video conferencing and collaboration solution, but its ease of use made it the standard for many organizations.

Two Easy Ways to Turn Any Meeting Space into a Zoom Room Two Easy Ways to Turn Any Meeting Space into a Zoom Room


In 2020, the pandemic turned the Zoom videoconferencing platform from an excellent business collaboration tool created by a fast-growing startup into a household word. Zoom became the default video conferencing solution for business, socializing and communication.

While casual users may think Zoom is just a video communication app, businesses and organizations know it is a powerful collaboration platform. But many organizations already have existing conference room systems with legacy videoconferencing capabilities. And while many workers are still remote, some employees don't have the option and must work in an office. How can you meld Zoom into your meeting spaces to allow both groups and individuals at your Phoenix, AZ offices to collaborate seamlessly with remote workers and teams anywhere? That’s what Zoom Rooms are all about. Keep reading to see how to integrate Zoom into any meeting space.

An Introduction to Zoom Rooms: Why Does My Business Need One? An Introduction to Zoom Rooms: Why Does My Business Need One?

Zoom Rooms help make remote work possible by providing a sophisticated, user-friendly platform for communication

In 2020, Zoom is a household name — not just here in Phoenix, AZ, but across the United States and overseas. It’s won the popularity contest among other video conferencing solutions due to its ease of use and reliable service. Anyone can create or join a Zoom meeting if they download the software on their smartphone or computer. But audio/video meetings are only one component of the Zoom system. Zoom Rooms are a larger, all-inclusive solution that organizations can employ to foster communication, collaboration, growth and productivity among a dispersed workforce, including in-person and remote workers. Many employers like the benefits they reap from increased remote work opportunities. It decreases overhead expenses for the organization and fosters greater efficiency and output among employees. But these benefits depend on employees having the right tools at their disposal to communicate and work together effectively. And that’s where Zoom Rooms shine.

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