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How to Modernize Your Commercial Buildings for the New Future of Work with Automation

How to Modernize Your Commercial Buildings for the New Future of Work with Automation


The current pandemic has had many profound effects, but some of the longer-term ones will become more evident over the next few years. While it's been an ongoing trend over the last two decades, electronic communication will replace more business travel and face-to-face meetings. While that doesn't mean no one will work in offices anymore, it does mean buildings will need to have the sophisticated audio-visual infrastructure to support the work models of the future.

How can you get your Scottsdale, AZ, properties ready for the new paradigm? With smart investments in AV building automation systems. Keep reading for more.

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Smart Conference Rooms

The new paradigm will involve teams working in your buildings, but they will be collaborating with remote employees, contractors, suppliers, customers, and partners. You need easy-to-use unified communication and collaboration technology and systems that work seamlessly with popular platforms like Zoom and Microsoft Teams. Conference rooms should be equipped with high-quality cameras, microphones, and speakers to facilitate communications as if the other party was present. If you've ever marveled at how effective good YouTube videos can be to teach people on a wide scale how to do things you might imagine you could only learn in person, you understand how the right AV infrastructure fosters communication, education, and collaboration.

Wayfinding and Digital Signage

Large multi-use buildings and campuses can be difficult to navigate. Integrated, networked AV wayfinding can help people find where they need to go. Interactive wayfinding displays can help people input a location and get a detailed map and directions. Digital signage can feature important messages, location information, promotions, and any other content that can be refreshed often. If appropriate, information like wait times, closures, security precautions, and more can be presented with digital signage and updated as necessary, via schedules or in real-time. An interactive display with two-way video and audio capability could also serve as a virtual front desk or help desk, lending a personal touch, and serving multiple locations while making efficient use of personnel. With the current health concerns, this type of virtual solution facilitates contactless interactions.

Monitoring and Management

Smart AV systems need to work consistently and be available when people need them. Advanced monitoring for system health and performance is critical in a building with many systems. Solutions like our Pulse IDM system can monitor all the AV and communication devices on your premises. The system continuously monitors device state, health, uptime, and availability. Threshold detection looks for problem states across levels to flag critical situations. Custom notifications can alert appropriate personnel to problems like a videoconference room system going offline or other issues that need immediate attention.

A Holistic Strategy

The systems described above should not be islands unto themselves. Level 3 Audiovisual offers planning services to assist with developing an integrated technology strategy for your commercial property, leveraging our expertise in AV systems, automation software, hardware, and installation to create synergistic solutions that can take you into the future.

Ready to modernize your buildings for the new future of work? To learn more, reach out to us here or click the chat box below to connect instantly. We look forward to working with you.

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