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Managed Services

As a Managed Service Provider (MSP) our passion is partnering with you and co-creating a set of processes and workflows that drive increased technology utilization, productivity, and efficiency. Our services include, enterprise and global program management, road-map planning, reference and solution architecture development, standards development & documentation, deployment services (budgeting, quoting, procurement, project management, system design, engineering, software development, programming, fabrication & staging, onsite installation, operations training, quality assurance & acceptance testing), proactive monitoring, data collection, data analytics and reporting.

Integration Services

AV Integration is the process that takes the system described in a proposal and implements it into the physical space. It includes engineering, rack fabrication, installation, user training, and ultimately turnover. A lot can go wrong during system integration, from overlooked engineering decisions to shoddy shop fabrication to systems being turned over to the user prematurely. What sets Level 3

apart in the AV industry is our dedication to a documented quality management system. We have checklists and procedures in place to deliver systems complete, on time, and within budget, no matter which part of the Level 3 team is working to deliver the system. Our consistency in the way we integrate AV projects sets us apart from the competition. When we say a project is complete, we mean it. 

Integrated Project Delivery

Looking to spend more money on your AV systems than you should? Following the design-bid-build model of AV project delivery means you hire a design consultant who never actually deploys systems, has them create some basic drawing, create an RFP package, handle dozens of RFI questions from bidders, choose a contractor, then start the onboarding process all over again, often paying for the same work twice. Sounds exhausting right? Instead, choose a design-build partner at the onset of your project. A partner who maintains all the required professional services like design engineering, drafting, project management, installation, programming, commissioning and service and support can take your project from start to finish. By using this model, there is no wasted time in creating documentation whose only purpose is to transfer knowledge to another contractor. All the design meetings and decisions, drafting coordination, budgeting, scope definition and discovery work is maintained within the same project team from start to finish. This improves the efficiency and most importantly, lowers the total cost to develop and deploy the systems.

Global Deployment

Deploying AV technology around the world comes with many potential pitfalls which require experienced, quality-minded, and dedicated project management to navigate successfully. For years, Level 3 has conducted business on a global scale. We have trusted partners around the world that assist us with our projects. Using the AV9000 standard as a common language, we complete projects with the same consistency that our clients have come to expect. Our project management team is comfortable effectively communicating with worldwide teams. What this means for our clients is that when they have a project that requires a global effort, Level 3 already has the tools in place to make it a success.

Education & Training

Building a trained and certified AV support team is paramount to successfully managing audiovisual assets. Having operators on hand that can professionally and systematically operate and troubleshoot integrated AV spaces is crucial to supporting your users. It also plays a key role in fostering a trusting relationship between the end users and the technology. Level 3 offers training from several industry associations, including CTS classes from AVIXA as well as CQD and CQT classes from AQAV. We also offer custom training programs to improve the effectiveness of your support team. Our instructors are world-class, including two AVIXA Educators of the Year, AVIXA Senior Faculty Instructors, and AQAV certified instructors.

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Service & Support

At Level 3, we look at AV Service and Support a little differently. We certainly do our fair share of quick and easy repair calls, but we get excited about creating a relationship with our clients. Our service team takes the time to get to know the users of the system, the managers who are tasked with keeping the system running, as well as the technology itself. We strive to take a proactive approach to AV Service and Support by constantly monitoring system performance and maximizing up-time. When there is an issue, we are typically aware of it before the users notice anything is wrong. Our goal is to assure that your users don’t have to struggle with the technology throughout the life of the system, letting them focus on the presentation, meeting, or event that the system must support.

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