4 Ways To Use Video Walls for Education and Engagement - Level 3 Audiovisual

4 Ways To Use Video Walls for Education and Engagement

4 Ways To Use Video Walls for Education and Engagement

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Video Walls Are Versatile Tools for Communication and Interaction

Video walls have become increasingly popular for combining different types of information onto a large canvas in exciting and engaging ways. With flat-panel LED displays and the controller technology becoming increasingly affordable, it’s possible for almost any organization across Arizona to take advantage of the multimedia prowess of a video wall.

Whether it’s a video wall for your school in Tucson or one for medical training in Phoenix, the applications are only limited by your imagination.  Keep reading to learn about four video wall styles and some valuable ways they can be employed.

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Multi-Window Video Walls

Multi-window video walls allow your organization to divide displays into sections within the screen bezels so that multiple types of content can be displayed simultaneously. This type of wall is ideal for a variety of situations. In healthcare training, imagine a video wall with feeds from an operating room. One comprehensive view can show the whole OR, another can zoom in on the surgery or procedure, and another can display the patient’s vitals and other information from the medical devices in use. In an operations control center in a data or IT installation, multiple views can show the operational status of clusters, real-time performance information, and a live video view of machine racks and other equipment. In education, a video wall may show a speaker, accompanying slides, and images or video as part of a coordinated multimedia session.

Interactive Walls

Video walls need not be one-way. With easy-to-use touch-capable displays, it’s easy to build interactivity into applications. For wayfinding, users can type in a search by punching letters on an onscreen keyboard with auto-complete capabilities or scroll to select entries from a list. Another option is to touch a map or even use zoom in and out features. Consider a wayfinding video wall a much larger, specific, optimized version of a map application on a smartphone. Other interactive applications might be informational, with the user choosing a topic and watching a short instructional multimedia video.

Mosaic Walls

Just because video displays are rectangular doesn’t mean you are restricted to a rectangular or square layout. Displays can be positioned at angles to make striking mosaic video walls. Mosaic walls are ideal for capturing attention, telling a story, advertising, welcoming visitors to your building, and much more. If your organization has an interesting history, a looping multimedia presentation on an unusual mosaic can tell the narrative in a highly engaging fashion.

Projector Blending

For very large spaces, projector blending can present huge images for various applications. Think of a large conference, where multiple views can offer a complete picture of a panel discussion. For more sophisticated applications, projector blending can provide 180 or even 360-degree experience in a special-purpose space. It might be a way to introduce new students to the many facets of a university in an orientation, or any other application with a multi-faceted story and media. For retail and other public environments, edge blending – where the projection images overlap – can create eye-catching displays to draw attention to promotions, brands, and more.


Level 3 Audiovisual offers advanced audio and video solutions for education, collaboration, medical simulation, digital signage, and more.  To learn more about the many exciting ways to use video walls in your organization, reach out to us here or click the chatbox below to connect instantly. We look forward to working with you.

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