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Why You Should Outsource Your LED Video Wall Project

Why You Should Outsource Your LED Video Wall Project

VWaaS – Video Wall as a Service is Here

We’ve talked a lot on these pages about considering a different way to look at your AV infrastructure investments. Like payroll services, HR management platforms, and a host of other software and its attendant hardware, owning these solutions and managing them inside your organization makes less sense every passing day. The reasons are straightforward – you are looking for a business result, and owning the tools and methods for these systems doesn’t provide any business advantage to your organization. 

Video walls are increasingly popular tools for communication, promotion, and engagement. If you are considering an LED video wall for a corporate lobby, retail location, or operations center, you are looking at a significant investment in hardware, software, installation, maintenance, and training. Is there a simpler way to get the result for your Tempe, AZ organization without investing in all this support up front? There is, with VWaaS. OK, we may have made this term up. But there are excellent reasons why you should consider acquiring your video wall as a subscription service through Level 3 Audiovisual. Stay with us as we explain below!

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No Hardware to Buy

As you well know, technology advances at a sometimes frightening pace. The AV equipment you buy today may be obsolete in five years. In three years, it may not support all the features you need. You might think – don’t software updates keep equipment current and even add features? Yes, they do. But software giveth and it taketh away too. Sometimes the new software requires new hardware power or updates to run. You know this because it's happened to you in the past with computing hardware and peripherals, and the latest software and capability you sorely want and need just made your existing hardware obsolete.

With a subscription service video wall from Level 3 Audiovisual, you would not buy hardware that could rapidly become obsolete. We could structure a subscription that would update your video wall hardware when you need it, whether it's from wear and tear, new features needed, or any other reason. You would not be faced with a new capital investment or figuring out how to dispose of the old equipment.

No Maintenance

Video walls require maintenance. Power supplies can go out, and panels can develop problems with excess humidity or dust. Video walls are specialized, complex systems that require trained technicians. With a video wall subscription service from Level 3 Audiovisual, you don't have to invest in the tech personnel or training. One call to us is all you need, plus we do preventive maintenance as necessary to ensure continued operation.

Monitoring, Updates, and Maintenance

Aside from the hardware, software and firmware must be maintained for continuous, secure operation. Level 3 Audiovisual has invested heavily in customized monitoring solutions to keep video walls running smoothly. The systems can update software and firmware remotely to fix potential bugs and security holes. The monitoring system alerts us to potential problems before you might see them, so they can be addressed quickly either via remote management or an onsite technician if needed. 

Guaranteed Service Levels

You are familiar with service level agreements for software platforms you may be using via subscription services. Your video wall solution can function the same way. Level 3 Audiovisual supplies the hardware, software, monitoring, maintenance, and service to ensure that your video wall provides a guaranteed level of service. When something goes wrong, we are responsible and have the financial incentives to fix it fast. Your organization does not need to get mired in coordinating across different vendors and services to keep your video wall running. 


If you are considering a video wall project, consider all the benefits of working with a managed subscription service provider versus the significant investments you would otherwise need to make upfront. Get started by reaching out to Level 3 Audiovisual here or click the chatbox below to connect instantly. We look forward to working with you.

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