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Thinking of Installing a Video Wall? Here’s What You Need to Know

Thinking of Installing a Video Wall? Here’s What You Need to Know

Before Construction Is Finished, Work with a Designer to Get Your Video Wall Right

Is your company talking about installing a video wall? The massive, eye-catching displays are a surefire way to grab visitors' attention wherever it’s mounted, sending the message that your company is ahead of the curve and here to stay. 

Whether the LED wall is for your office building’s lobby or a performance venue, you must take certain steps before anything’s installed. Video walls require a complex installation and shouldn’t be approached like mounting a TV. 

So before your building’s walls are finished and construction is complete, you’ll need to work with an AV designer to make sure everything is in place for your video wall. Why? Read on to see what it takes.

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First, How a Video Wall Works 

Video walls are built with a collection of displays, often LED tiles, that are aligned to continuously display content. We recommend using LED tiles other than LCD panels because you can achieve a seamless, smooth surface with micro LEDs. You’ll need purpose-built hardware and software that configures the 4K or HD visual content and displays it continually with a way to manage it if anything goes wrong.

More Than Just Imagery 

Sure, you need to think about what you’ll display on the video wall and how you’ll get the content. But that’s jumping ahead. After all, the video wall needs power. How will you supply sufficient electricity to the displays?

Before your walls are closed up, you need to bring an AV integrator into the conversation to assess electrical needs for wiring and connectivity. The behind-the-scenes network is essential to the wall’s performance, and you won’t want to deal with wiring after the fact. 

Software & Control 

Video or web content doesn’t appear out of thin air. You’ll need software to distribute content to your video walls, allowing you to make changes anytime through a simple interface. The content management software, often referred to as a CMS, operates like your command center. Where that software will run and how you’ll access it remotely will be determined with help from your AV integrator. 

The Surrounding Atmosphere 

What else will be in the video wall’s environment? Will the lighting clash with the video wall or accentuate it? Do you need audio paired with the video wall? Discuss your other technology needs with your AV designer to ensure a successful design before it’s too late. 

Next Steps 

If your organization is ready to bring brilliant LED video wall technology to your new building, Level 3 Audiovisual is here to help. We install and program state-of-the-art AV systems in businesses across Phoenix, AZ, and nationwide. 


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