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Does your Chicago, IL, medical simulation lab have the necessary hardware and software for successful simulation debriefing? Call Level 3 Audiovisual for an evaluation.

Optimize Your Simulation for Success With the Right Debriefing Setup Optimize Your Simulation for Success With the Right Debriefing Setup

Debriefing is a critical step in any healthcare simulation curriculum — make sure you know what you need for successful debriefings

Research shows the majority of learning and critical analysis occurs during the debriefing session of healthcare simulation training. During debriefing, medical students have the chance to not only hear feedback from their instructors but see — through video playback — what went right, what went wrong, and what can be improved upon next time. It’s easy to miss small details during the hustle of a simulated experience, but debriefing opens a critical space for reflection and evaluation. The result is medical students learn and absorb valuable lessons to take with them into the next simulation and real-life scenarios. Keep reading to learn how simulation debriefing leads to better outcomes — and the components you need for successful debriefing for your Chicago, IL, simulation lab.
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