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How to Choose the Best Video Wall for Broadcast TV

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How to Choose the Best Video Wall for Broadcast TV You’ve probably had a good chuckle at a broadcast TV blooper reel or on-air faux pas because there’s something funny about someone tripping over their tongue on live TV. But having the wrong technology in your broadcast TV studio or multimedia communications center is no…

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The Best AV Technologies for Government Agencies

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The Best AV Technologies for Government Agencies Your local courthouse or municipal building is a beacon for citizens that want to know more about what’s going on in their community. As the person in charge of audiovisual technology, you’re responsible for many things, including providing access to meetings, assistive listening in public spaces, or emergency…

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3 Ways Video Walls Can Support Your Business Goals

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Wondering If You Need a Video Wall? Here are 3 Ways You’ll Benefit There are lots of ways to make a bad first impression on a potential customer or employee—have mustard on your shirt, a funny smell in your office, or outdated technology solutions that don’t always work. Alternately, you can make a good impression…

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Benchmark Electronics Case Study

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The Right AV Drives Innovation. Here’s How. When Benchmark—an electronics engineering and manufacturing firm with clients in the aerospace, defense, and medical industries—decided to move their headquarters to Tempe, Ariz., it was about more than gaining a new building. Benchmark opened their doors in 1979 as a manufacturing subsidiary for medical devices but had been…

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Does Your Command Center AV Respond to Emergencies – or Create Them?

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Does Your Command Center AV Respond to Emergencies – or Create Them? There are some instances—for example when you are choosing formal attire or a piece of decorative furniture—when form trumps function. In the case of audiovisual technology for a command and control center, however, form and function go hand in hand to help operators…

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5 Ways Display Video Walls Beat Projectors

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5 Ways Display Video Walls Beat Projectors If you’ve ever had to choose a display option for an office, venue or event, you’ve probably asked yourself this question: Which is better, a flat panel display video wall or a projector video wall? The short answer is, it depends. There are certainly applications where a blended…

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4 Things to Know Before You Buy A Video Wall

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4 Things to Know Before You Buy A Video Wall Once confined to company lobbies, secretive government command centers and science fiction movies, video walls are becoming increasingly commonplace across multiple industries including retail, higher education and utility and traffic monitoring applications. And that’s just the beginning. According to a recent industry forecast, the global…

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Which Costs More – A Video Wall or No Video Wall?

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Which Costs More – A Video Wall or No Video Wall? The adage “You only get one chance to make a first impression” is just as true with places as it is people. Whether it’s a hotel, a student library, or a lobby, what we feel the moment we walk in often translates into an…

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10 Step Video Wall Buying Guide

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There are some basic, fundamental questions that get asked time and time again about video walls. So the team at Level 3 Audiovisual has written this quick “10 step video wall buying guide”; in hopes it can help clear the air on some of your video wall questions. Determine the needs. Pinpoint what the video…

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Broadcast TV Video Walls

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Broadcast TV Video Walls Broadcast TV video walls can be seen on just about any channel nowadays. Whether it’s a red carpet event, a news station, sports or a game show. Video walls are becoming common place in broadcast television and interacting with them is now a common occurrence. One of the many concerns with…

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New York Institute of Technology

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An Interactive Video Wall Case Study To accent the pedestrian viewed window in Manhattan, the New York Institute of Technology was in desperate need of a new digital strategy. The request was to interact with their students, while attaining the outsider’s attention. Our team at Level 3 Audiovisual, satisfied all of their needs, with one…

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Barrow Neurological Goldman Theater

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Barrow Neurological, upgraded the technology of the Goldman Theater. The clients goal was to present bleeding edge broadcast at a professional level; Level 3 Audiovisual held the best solution for this application. The application was to add live video feeds from eleven operating rooms to the 3D Theater within Barrow Neurological. The live video feeds…

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