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What Is One of the Most Overlooked Benefits of Managed Services?

What Is One of the Most Overlooked Benefits of Managed Services?


Imagine you’re chatting with a friend on Zoom video, and the call cuts out. That’s a shame, but there’s no real harm done — you can reschedule the video call or finish your conversation over text message. Now imagine you’re giving an important presentation in the boardroom with business partners from across the U.S. participating remotely...and the connection cuts out. The consequences are far more high-stakes in this situation.

Outages and system downtime can result in catastrophic financial costs to your business. The time and productivity lost while restoring AV systems cuts into your bottom line. And it’s not just your time and productivity — your business partners suffer too, which can impact your relationship with them.

Outsourcing your AV systems monitoring and management to an experienced managed services provider can prevent costly system outages, downtime, and service calls. Keep reading to explore this crucial component of managed services for your business in Scottsdale, AZ, or anywhere in the world.

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1. Constant Monitoring Means More System Uptime

How many conference rooms can one in-house IT employee monitor and manage at a time? How many full-time IT employees do you need to monitor all the AV systems in your building? Or, if you don’t have the budget for a full-time IT employee, who’s keeping an eye on your systems? The last thing you want is oversight gaps that could lead to an undetected issue causing a system malfunction.

A managed services provider will provide constant remote monitoring and management of your AV systems for a set monthly fee. With secure remote access, your services provider can remotely troubleshoot and repair problems as they arise to prevent a complete outage or system downtime.

2. Proactive Care Equals Fewer Service Costs

When it comes to AV system care, it’s far less costly to spend money on proactive maintenance now than hemorrhage cash for the unexpected and hidden costs of downtime further down the road. This maintenance can include ongoing tests to gauge component functionality and automatic firmware upgrades to unlock new features and security patches.

Proactive monitoring ensures that minor problems are caught and resolved before they become large problems that impact the functionality of your equipment. In many cases, our team at Level 3 Audiovisual has found that we can remotely resolve problem states before the client even notices there was an issue.

Consider this: a fixed, dependable monthly fee is much easier to budget for than costly, unexpected system repairs that could tie up your cash flow for months.

3. A Robust Partnership Ensures Increased Responsiveness

A managed services provider like Level 3 Audiovisual is a part of your team. A contract with us is the beginning of a long-term relationship with common goals in mind:

  • Increased technology utilization and efficiency
  • Maximum uptime for AV systems
  • Total disruption avoidance to prevent downtime

When something goes wrong, you can have peace of mind knowing that we’re just as invested in resolving issues as you are.

Don’t let system downtime affect your bottom line. Partner with a managed services provider like Level 3 Audiovisual to flexibly outsource your AV technology, monitoring, management, and maintenance needs to an expert. Give us a call, fill out a contact form, or start a live chat on our website to connect with our team.

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