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Torn Between a Video Wall Vs. Projector for the Conference Room? Here’s Our Hot Take.

Torn Between a Video Wall Vs. Projector for the Conference Room? Here’s Our Hot Take.

Smarter and more interactive video walls are edging out projectors in the conference room

It’s the ultimate showdown as you move forward in the process of updating your conference room technology: video wall installation vs. projector system. For years, projectors and screens dominated meeting spaces for sharing presentations, graphs, charts, and videos on a large scale. But today, smarter, larger, and more interactive video walls are beginning to edge out projectors in terms of display capabilities.

Custom-designed video wall solutions that facilitate greater collaboration during meetings while also serving as visually impressive centerpieces for your conference rooms are the future of display technology. Below, keep reading to learn Level 3 Audiovisual’s take on where we see the display industry trending for conference rooms in Scottsdale, AZ and across the globe.

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Projector Systems: Still King of the Conference Room?

Projectors and projection screens have been making their home in conference rooms and other meeting spaces for years now. In a medium-to-large conference room, a good projector system produces a high-quality image large enough that nobody has to strain their eyes to see. And even with the cost of video wall installations dropping, a projector is still the most cost-effective display solution upfront.

But compared to video walls, projectors leave a lot to be desired in modern conference rooms. They’re noisy to operate, the bulbs must be replaced frequently (increasing the total cost of ownership over time), and the screen displays decreased picture quality in brightly lit rooms. What if your employees need to watch a presentation and take notes at the same time?

While projector systems were once king of the conference rooms, video wall technology is swiftly outpacing them in terms of display features, capabilities, and aesthetics. 

Video Walls: Make Way for Rising Royalty

Let’s get the biggest con of video walls out of the way: the price. Video walls are still more expensive to purchase and install than projector systems, but the technology’s rising popularity is contributing favorably to price decreases year-over-year. If it works within your budget, video walls offer several benefits over projectors for forward-thinking businesses looking to squeeze more value out of their conference rooms.

  • Video walls are incredibly flexible for displaying content. You can use multiple screens to display different images, videos, or presentations or combine modular screens to deliver a single impressive image or video.
  • We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: poor audio kills meetings. While projectors generate noise that could distract and frustrate employees, video walls operate noiselessly from a meeting’s beginning to end.
  • Projector screens are highly susceptible to ambient light. But video wall screens are brighter and perform well in all lighting environments, from brightly lit to pitch black.
  • More interactive. Some video wall solutions double as interactive whiteboards with on-screen touch capabilities, note-taking, and annotations.

Finally, video walls have the “wow” factor. They’re visually stunning, make an impression, and help your business impress investors, partners, and clients.  

Partner With Level 3 Audiovisual to Upgrade Your Conference Room

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