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Read the Writing on the Wall: Why Dynamic Digital Signage Is Here to Stay

Read the Writing on the Wall: Why Dynamic Digital Signage Is Here to Stay


Made you look: 63% of people report that digital signage catches their attention. Today, more and more corporations, healthcare organizations, educational institutions and retailers realize how effective digital displays are for communication, engagement, brand awareness and sales. In a technology-centered, digital-driven society, digital signage is a forward-thinking tool that helps businesses communicate and share content more effectively. If you’re interested in a digital signage installation for your business, Level 3 Audiovisual is an AV integrator who serves commercial organizations in Scottsdale, AZ, and across the country. If you’re still on the fence, keep reading to learn more about digital displays.

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On the operator side, setting up and using digital displays is streamlined and straightforward. Software companies like 22Miles and Wallboard have created comprehensive content management systems (CMS) for digital signage. At Level 3 Audiovisual, we can help your company install the physical hardware you’ll need— a media player and display screen, at a minimum — and integrate the CMS software. Depending on your location, size and application, we can set up anything from a single display screen to a full video wall. Once the installation is complete, you can manage your signage at any time from a network-enabled device using cloud-based applications and storage. CMS software has built-in content creation tools for uploading, formatting and publishing content to your digital displays. There are nearly limitless types of content available for display:  

  • Advertisements
  • Maps and wayfinding guides
  • Directories
  • Announcements and updates
  • Videos
  • Social media feeds
  • Weather and news
  • Interactive games
  • Tutorials and training

Digital signage solutions are powerful communication tools to quickly and efficiently disseminate important information, encourage interaction and engagement with content and provide hands-free customer service.  


  1. Colleges and universities. Digital signage can organize, streamline and centralize communication on large school campuses with thousands of students and staff members. Use digital displays as interactive wayfinding tools to help incoming students, touring families and visitors navigate sprawling campuses. On a large scale, digital displays can be employed to distribute school-wide announcements, event times and locations, sports games schedules, and bus and shuttle schedules. They’re also a great tool to promptly send emergency alerts in real-time to everyone on campus. On a smaller, more personalized scale, digital displays in buildings and dorms can be used to show building directories, classroom and meeting schedules, and dining hall and gym hours.
  1. Modern workplaces. Let’s face it — many employees aren’t reading the multiple company-wide emails sent out every week. Instead of filling up inboxes, switch to digital displays to make company-wide announcements and updates. Motivate employees by exhibiting company achievements, sales metrics, positive feedback from customers, and shout-outs to employees who are going above and beyond at their jobs. Create a positive environment that celebrates wins by sending them out loud and proud for everyone to see. Digital signage also cuts down overhead costs for businesses; it’s an eco-friendly alternative to printing flyers and posters. Some CMS platforms allow sending signage content directly to employee computers for those working from home.
  1. Healthcare institutions. Help patients navigate large healthcare centers with ease. Digital displays with interactive maps let incoming visitors visualize turn-by-turn directions to their desired locations. For greater health and safety, patients can have instructions sent to their mobile phones or use voice control instead of touch to interact with displays.

Level 3 Audiovisual is a professional AV integrator who can help you find and install the technology solutions your business needs. We serve commercial organizations ranging in size from small businesses to enterprise corporations and government institutions. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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