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Exploring Remote Options for Simulation-Based Education: A Hybrid Solution

Exploring Remote Options for Simulation-Based Education: A Hybrid Solution


Our last blog about healthcare simulation discussed augmented patient simulation solutions, which offer medical students a 100% remote option to complete simulation-based education and training. In today’s blog, we’re going to explore another option for remote medical simulation. As we enter 2021, educators and training schools in Miami, FL, and around the country continue to seek remote solutions that provide students the experience they need while reducing the risk of spreading the coronavirus through in-person classes.

The value of simulation for medicine and healthcare education is undeniable. Keep reading to learn more about a hybrid virtual solution that includes in-person and remote components and how your students can benefit from this type of simulation-based learning.

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What Does a Hybrid Solution Look Like?

A hybrid virtual solution has both remote and in-person elements. Students remain at home and connect to a simulation session using Zoom (or another video conferencing platform). Faculty members are on-site at a university or training center simulation lab. The faculty members act as aides during the simulation. A scenario is described, and students give instructions for faculty aides to perform actions or take steps to complete the scenario.

Primary Benefits

First and foremost, a hybrid solution is a flexible way to execute remote learning. In 2021, we’ll still be dealing with the coronavirus, and schools and training programs are seeking multiple options to provide education while avoiding crowded, in-person classes. This type of hybrid simulation experience offers educators an excellent opportunity to facilitate group-wide training, collaboration, and participation. All students benefit from the knowledge gained by viewing and engaging with a simulation experience.

You’ll gain the most benefit by integrating a hybrid virtual solution as one part of a comprehensive, simulation-based training program. Consider this scenario:

  • Students tune in to a virtual simulation session using Zoom at home. Faculty members are physically in the simulation lab acting as aides. Students complete the simulation by instructing faculty aides to perform the necessary steps for a basic evaluation. Students can ask faculty aides to take the patient’s blood pressure, listen to their chest, and administer medications. The session provides students the chance to learn, ask questions and take notes.
  • Afterward, students log onto a virtual patient simulation at home. They complete on-screen scenarios individually, using the knowledge they’ve learned in class and through the Zoom-powered simulation from earlier.
  • Finally, students are scheduled to come into the simulation lab in small groups, where they receive hands-on, interactive experience in a simulation scenario. In-person groups are small enough to reduce the risk of spreading the virus.

Using multiple mediums, students receive the full experience using simulation in medicine and healthcare applications.

Audiovisual Considerations

We recommend enlisting the help of an audiovisual expert to ensure your simulation lab has the right setup for a hybrid virtual solution. Clear, intelligible audio is a crucial component so that faculty aides can hear instructions from students, and students can listen to discussion and feedback from instructors. Pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras are also a necessary component so that students can easily follow actions performed during a simulation.

Level 3 Audiovisual has years of experience designing, engineering, and installing integrated technology systems. Let us help you find the audiovisual, software, and IT solutions to build a safe and effective medical simulation system for your medical school, nursing school, training hospital, OR, ER, or another training center. We proudly serve organizations in Miami, FL, and across the United States. Give us a call or reach out online to set up a consultation.

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