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3 Benefits of AV Certification for Tech Managers

3 Benefits of AV Certification for Tech Managers

Audio visual technology and integration standards are changing fast, so keeping technology personnel up-to-date on training and product knowledge has become a significant challenge. Lack of training can lead to problems like miscommunication over technology needs, inadequate system testing and fine-tuning, delayed AV installations, and increased costs to fix or replace poor quality systems. As a technology manager, you want to ensure your organization gets the right AV systems, that they perform as intended, and that they’re installed and integrated following industry best practices.

Completing training such as Certified Quality Designer (CQD)-AV and Certified Quality Technician-AV (CQT) courses—and choosing AV installers and integrators who have earned these certifications as well—will help you create a Quality Management System (QMS) that ensures your AV system conforms to defined performance specifications using a process-based approach that ensures quality and facilitates continuous improvement.

Training Makes Life Better—and Easier—for Tech Managers

CQD and CQT certifications are the first steps towards meeting your goal of ensuring AV systems are deployed as planned. To that end, CQD training will teach you how to prepare for and review a design to ensure the system will be built and installed in compliance with your expectations and industry best practices. CQT training prepares you to audit AV systems to verify performance and compliance with industry standards. CQD and CQT training also provide additional benefits, including:

  • Minimize risk and improve performance. Risks associated with non-standardized AV implementations include incompatibility between new and existing components, manufacturer delays, AV systems that don’t meet changing needs, and a lack of follow-up and support when issues arise. CQD and CQT training promote the design and installation of AV systems that have Zero Defects, they are complete, high performing, and ready to use. Compliance with industry standards also paves the way for continuous improvement of AV systems as needs and technologies evolve.
  • Reduce costs associated with poor quality. AV systems that require frequent repairs—or need to be replaced entirely—can cost your organization time and money. A QMS supported by CQD and CQT ensures AV systems are tested, validated, and adjusted. Without a QMS you can experience:
    • Project delays
    • Long punch lists
    • Lack of system availability during repairs
    • Costs for additional vendors or components
    • Additional time for inspection and acceptance
  • Improve satisfaction for technology managers. Committing to working only with AV integrators who have up-to-date certifications has numerous benefits for technology managers. They include: fewer system revisions, change orders, and expensive last-minute adjustments; faster times to system readiness and less downtime for maintenance; and more time building positive, closer working relationships with vendors.

Next Steps

Level 3 AV provides training opportunities that improve AV system performance, including the CQD and CQT certifications. These trainings last three days with a certification test on the final day. At the end of the course you will be prepared to perform audits and assessments of your AV system and to implement a QMS. Prerequisites include a CTS or four years’ experience in AV design and/or installation. Visit our registration site to find an upcoming training event near you.

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