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3 Areas Worth the Investment in Your Healthcare Simulation

3 Areas Worth the Investment in Your Healthcare Simulation


A medical simulation lab is a huge investment for your teaching hospital, medical school or training center. Healthcare simulations are invaluable teaching tools that offer medical students the chance to gain hands-on skills and interpersonal training in a safe, controlled environment. And when it’s time for your facility to plan and budget for a medical simulation setup, you want to make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck.

First, we highly recommend calling Level 3 Audiovisual. Most simulation projects require separate vendors for hardware, software, IT and a simulation consultant. Level 3 Audiovisual is the only end-to-end provider who delivers on all four components to build custom healthcare simulation labs for clients in Miami, FL, and across the U.S.

Second, we recommend taking the time to evaluate your primary needs and end goals for this project. All simulation labs have custom needs, and you may need to make design choices based on your budget, space availability and other concerns. As you’re planning your project, we’d like to focus your attention on three priority areas worth a higher-end investment: AV installation, simulation training, and on-going support. Keep reading to learn more.

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AV Installation

It’s difficult to overstate the importance of the AV installation in your simulation lab. Poor audio and video quality significantly devalue and degrade the simulation experience for students and instructors. During a simulation session, high-fidelity audio is crucial to create a scenario with realistic sounds from a manikin “patient” and background noises. Both clear, intelligible audio and high-resolution video are essential to accurately capture the session on video and playback the scenario during the debriefing process. At Level 3 Audiovisual, we design and install integrated AV solutions with pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) recording cameras, 4K display screens, and an IP-based audio system that delivers clean, lossless sound.

Simulation Training

Operating, managing and troubleshooting a simulation center requires your simulation technician or operations specialist to have a unique skill set to oversee day-to-day operations. Technicians must maintain in-depth knowledge on all AV, IT and simulation components that make up a fully functioning lab. Your specialist should understand the ins-and-outs of all technology in the lab, including how to program manikin movements and how to repair a broken circuit powering lab equipment. As part of our custom simulation solutions, Level 3 Audiovisual provides specialized education and training. We cover every aspect of healthcare simulation, including simulation technology, engineering and design, network infrastructure, AV system installation, simulation setup and operation, debriefing operations, CTS (Certified Technology Specialist) certification preparation, basic medical knowledge, moulage, and so much more. We offer a Simulation Boot Camp available for all levels that provides hands-on training for important skills like moulage, network cable termination, manikin operations, and soldering. Without an experienced technician on-hand, a malfunctioning manikin or network failure could set your training schedules back for days or weeks while you wait for troubleshooting and repair assistance.

Ongoing Support and Assistance

At Level 3 Audiovisual, we take a proactive approach to on-going support and assistance. We want everyone involved in a simulation lab (from instructors to IT support to simulation techs) to find and receive help easily when something goes wrong. Our L3Connect is a robust support solution that uses a Quick Response Code (QRC). The QRC is wall-mounted, and users can access a range of support services by scanning the code on their mobile phone. Within seconds, gain control of user manuals, maintenance guides, equipment lists and documentation, and system drawings. You’ll also be instantly connected to our on-demand help service with chat, phone assistance and available live video support options. And if you’re experiencing a bigger issue, fill out a service request right on your phone. Unfortunately, we can almost guarantee that something will go wrong at some point (technology, like medicine, is not perfect). But with L3Connect, we aim to deliver fast, frictionless service so that you can get on with your workflows as soon as possible. Level 3 Audiovisual brings to the table a unique blend of AV technology expertise and IT experience combined with extensive industry knowledge of medical simulation. Unlike other companies that design and build simulation centers, Level 3 provides a complete, custom solution from start to finish. To learn more, reach out to us here or click the chatbox below to instantly connect.

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